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Petitioning The Governor of AL

Stop The Execution of Michael Jeffrey Land, a mentally retarded man in Alabama!

Michael Jeffrey Land was convicted in the May 1992 killing of 30-year-old Candace Brown. Hikers found her body in an abandoned limestone quarry on Birmingham's Ruffner Mountain. The state's high court said that it has scheduled the execution of Michael Jeffrey Land for Aug. 12. While we can not excuse or forget the crime that Michael committed nor can we forget the victims family in this case, we do feel that by executing Michael will not make the world safer, it will not ease the pain of the victims family. It will only create more victims. Please sign and show you are human. Please sign this petition. Michael has an IQ which is lower than the level which is required for execution in the USA. We can help stop this from happening. Michael Land has an IQ of less than 70 and was classified as mentally retarded. In general an inmate who is to be executed must have an IQ at a level 70 or higher. Michael has been assessed as having an IQ of less than 70 which is critically borderline.

The death penalty is inhumane and cruel, but especially for those who are borderline mentally retarded or mentally ill. That is simply unjust, uncivilized and immoral. Please commute this death sentence and spare Michael Land execution.

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I also urge you to contact Alabama governor Bob Riley through this email form to express your concerns about executing this mentally impaired man:



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The Governor of AL
We, the undersigned, urge you to stop the execution of Michael Jeffrey Land, scheduled for August 12th. Executions do not accomplish any more than imprisonment and do not restore healing to or ease the suffering and pain of the victims. Prison accomplishes public safety without resorting to violence and death. Fighting death with death is ineffective and research studies have shown that the death penalty does not deter, prevent or reduce violent crimes. Michael has an IQ which is lower than the level which is required for execution in the USA. Executing this mentally retarded man would be unacceptable, immoral, inhumane and cruel. The death penalty is revenge and justice is not advanced in the taking of a human life. Please, have some compassion and stop the execution of this man. I urge you to do so.