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Petitioning Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and 4 others

Stop the Eviction of Casa Atabex Aché . Continue the legacy of safe spaces in the South Bronx


Casa Atabex Aché, located at 471 East 140th Street in the South Bronx, Mott Haven community, is presently experiencing threats of closure and displacement of their premises. Casa Atabex Aché has provided essential and effective holistic healing services to over 10,000 of Mott Haven’s most resilient yet disenfranchised residents for over 15 years. We are sadly in danger of losing our space, and to keep our services accessible to this community, we are asking for your support.

We are declaring in a unified voice that The South Bronx deserves community spaces like Casa Atabex Aché to be sustained and nourished rather than driven out by private interest.

Please be part of building up our community by signing this petition and spreading the word. Thank you!

Letter to
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio
Council Member Melissa Mark-Vivrerito
and 2 others
District Senator Jose M. Serrano
New York State Senator Charles E. Schumer
Dear Bronx and New York City Community Leaders:

As a representative serving the Bronx and New York City, we are writing to you with urgency about an organization also proudly serving Mott Haven for over 15years and the outer boroughs; that is unfortunately, experiencing threats of closure and displacement.

The Bronx has and still is facing the most challenges of any borough in this city and Casa Atabex Aché is responding consistently to those who have been victims of rape, incest, addiction, domestic abuse, trauma and poverty. Casa has created a space for women’s healing through social and emotional counseling and group work, emotional release, meditation, and seasonal retreats. Preventive services include HIV testing and education, safe sex education and services, Hepatitis C education and workshops, and nutritional education. Casa provides a space for holistic healing, political education, leadership, and cultural events that have been sought on a national level. These services are not provided by outside organizations, but by members of the community for our community. Casa is a space for women, our communities, ourselves to heal, grow, and thrive.

Despite this thriving community work, Casa Atabex Aché has received a notice to vacate the premises in 30 days. We are the victims of an attempted eviction by the property management company, C & Kris CO., LP . According to our agreement with Management, this space was deemed uninhabitable for apartment use as there is only one exit, thus, we were granted occupation of this space gratis as long as we continued our community engagement. We have unwavering upheld our end of the agreement.

The Bronx community, particularly the South Bronx, is undergoing a shift in population. The current residents are being replaced by gentrification based on the interest of the owners and property management companies to receive higher income for the housing units. This is an economic and racial injustice to our community.

We, along with our fellow community organizations, have fought for a long time to rehabilitate the Bronx and are alarmed and outraged by this situation. Our struggle was and still is to improve our community. It is here that we see a prevailing move to displace our community organizations from the premises they occupy by eviction, denying the renewal of their contract, or by increasing the rent. These actions have a direct impact on the services offered to the community. Organizations such as La Pena, Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, Freedom, Cescoc, Green Workers Coop and many others have lost their spaces due to these circumstances.

We appeal to you as our representative to address this outrage and support Casa Atabex Aché to continue providing the services vital to our community. You can help us by imploring the owner to maintain their agreement with us; writing a letter of support of the work of Casa Atabex Aché. As this is a pressing matter, we ask that you respond immediately, and we appreciate your urgency.

If it’s one thing we know, it is your commitment to supporting and empowering young women and creating safe spaces for their growth and education. We seek your support in our ability to be in the action of that commitment as well.

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