STOP the destruction of the lighthouse peninsula

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  • Fond du lac law and common sense dictates that the people have a say in the use or development of Lakeside Park. The city council has a legal and moral obligation to listen to the voice of its constituents.  Stop all development and discussions of development with any company or benefactor.
  • Declare the lighthouse peninsula and the whole of lakeside park historical and non developmental in perpetuity.

Lakeside park is a center for city recreation and has been for 114 years. The lighthouse was built in 1933 and has become the crown jewel of our city. Generations have grown up enjoying the park with its splendor, simplicity and commercial free aura.  Its majestic trees which some have been flourishing since the founding of our nation are now threatened with the prospect of being cut down for development of a Bistro for a chosen few.

Lakeside park is now endangered. Plans are to put a two story bistro/museum development on the lighthouse peninsula endangering our cherished public space.  Opposition to this has been running at 9 to 1 ratio

Lakeside park has two historical landmarks in the lighthouse and the bandstand.  Both are sights for development. The indigenous Ho Chunk and Menominee nations have a 10,000 history at this park and the Winnebago area. We citizens demand historical status for lakeside park for all of the above reasons.

It is a personal attack by the fond du lac city council to ignore the pleadings of its constituents. 

By doing so they will raise our taxes to pay for their pet project.  They will raze the beautiful trees of the peninsula including a memorial one and the one that has been thriving  since George Washington was President.

Many generations have spent nights at the light house parking, watching the storms roll in over the lake, seeing the ice shoves, bonding with friends or watching for submarines!

Remember that once the trees and the lighthouse loop are destroyed  there is no turning’s gone forever and no new memories will ever be made. 

This effort is paid for with our hearts and that is more than enough.  

Please do not donate money to this effort.  Any costs incurred will be paid by Barry jay Casetta

If any money is donated it is used solely to promote the petition by change.Org

THIS is the will of the people, may we be heard.