Stop the dam scheduled to flood the Adelphobates galactonotus "Blue" habitat.

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It has come to our attention that the Belo Monte Dam among others are causing huge amounts of environmental damage.  The dam boom as this article calls it happening in Brazil is a dangerous  & destructive undertaking which is reducing diversity by leaps & bounds with each dam built... Among them is the Adelphobates galactonotus "Blue" whose range is threatened by an upcoming dam construction which will displace more indigenous peoples as well as destroy hundreds or possibly thousands of species as it floods the area and all for electricity better captured via solar or wind of which Brazil has loads...

We know it is not likely to have much luck stopping the dam projects being fueled much by corruption as anything.  What we would like is this particular dam to be stopped or postponed until studies can be performed & threatened species can be re-homed or put into specific breeding programs to be preserved for posterity.

Considering the Constitution of Brazil, these dam building projects are literally against your own laws as they are destroying so much of the diversity that exists in Brazil.  We would like to see a solution to this problem presented immediately.  Perhaps Brazil should begin investing in solar & wind power instead of hydroelectric.

Further, my organization would like to offer services in this area by using our facilities & resources to breed these species with the intention of saving them for posterity and allowing them to be disseminated across the world commercially in addition to protection for posterity.  Many want these animals, & go to extreme lengths to get them which simply hurts Brazil whose doors are closed to these types of animal commercialization.  We would like to work closely with the Brazilian government to make it possible to meet both needs amicably.