Culling of stray dogs in Izmir Town Lahore

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Despite the Pakistan Prevention to Cruelty Act, 1890, recently renamed Prevention Cruelty Act, 2018 due to an amendment which increased the punishment against said cruelty, stray dogs are hunted down on a daily basis across the country on the premise of posing a potential threat, or nuisance to society. The most recent of such campaigns which was brought into notice on social media is being conducted in Izmir Town Society, where stray dogs are being brutally shot to death as per the orders of the governing body of the society, specifically the General Manager, who claims that the dogs pose a threat to the locality which despite of potentially being dealt with humane alternatives including rehabilitation, is being dealt in the aforementioned way. This petition is a request to the members of the governing body to look into, and implement these alternative ways to deal with the alleged problem at hand, and to the local residents, to pressure them into adapting practices such as rehabilitation with the assistance of animal shelters such as Todd's Welfare Society among others in Lahore, who have expressed their willingness to support such a program to the best of their capabilities on social media.

Please view this video for names of the parties and people directly responsible for this culling: