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CFLs pose a much higher risk to Canadians' health and safety and environment which far outweigh energy savings. Do not take away our right to choose to not take the risk.


CFL bulbs contain mercury, which if the bulb is broken will release mercury vapour to the atmosphere which is toxic. It is recommended that an area be vacated and ventilated for several hours if a bulb is broken. It is very difficult to clean up after a broken bulb, as if a vacuum is used it only spreads the contamination through your vacuum cleaner and then whole house. The bulbs cannot be easily disposed of in household garbage, they must be treated as hazardous waste because of their mercury content. If the bulb's protective surface is in any way scratched or cracked through manufacturing faults the bulb also emits harmful UV rays. It is not recommended to sit anywhere within several feet of a CFL bulb for this reason. The bulbs are also known to cause debilitating headaches in persons who are susceptible to the type of light that they emit. If we outlaw incandescent bulbs, what are these people going to resort to? Candlelight? This ban is ridiculous and should not be allowed to pass. People should continue to have the right to choose which lightbulbs they want to buy, and choose whether they want to take the risk of using CFL bulbs.

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  • Minister of Industry
    The Honourable James Moore
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    The Honourable Rona Ambrose, P.C., M.P.

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