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Stop the academisation of the Bridge School. Don't gamble with disabled kids education.

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The bridge school is for children with special needs who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend a mainstream school. The children who attend this school have a range of different complex needs that are all currently dealt with by the fantastic staff that work there.

Currently there are plans to change the school into an academy which has already majorly disrupted their routines and subsequent ability to learn. This has been brought about by an inept interim board who clearly do not understand the needs of these complex children. It is important to distinguish between a mainstream school being academised and this school because of the very nature of the children who learn there. Should we really gamble with the futures of these already vulnerable children? If this school were to close for any reason there is no where else for these children to go in the local area. 

I want to give these children a voice as they literally cannot speak for themselves. They are all wonderful and have progressed amazingly under the guidance of the brilliant staff who work there. It is a tragedy to see there lives so disrupted and the effect this is having on not just the children but the families who care for them.

This has been brought about by a political ideology that does not cater for the needs of disabled children. It is disgraceful that these children who already suffer so much should be degraded in this way, and told that their education does not matter in comparison to the ideology that they are trying to impose. This school cannot take the gamble of going into private hands and needs to stay with the local authority to ensure that the school stays open and gets the funding that these children need. If the school is academised it runs the risk of closure should the business (because thats what it will be) fail. If this fails disabled children will be left with nowhere to go, as this is the only school like this in the local area. Their education should be the priority. Instead of being a pawn in a political game and another essential asset sold to private hands.

Please sign and share this petition to give our disabled children the voice they are so wrongly denied. Help us get this decision reversed so that they can continue with their education in a non disruptive way.  

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