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TOGETHER WE CAN CONTROL AND CARE FOR                                              THE STRAY CAT POPULATION 

Thousands of stray cats and kittens are taken care of daily by many, many feeders.

Going out daily , early morning and late at night, be it rain or shine is no joke. Financial costs are high. Neutering a nightmare.

To make things worse, the cats suffer from the cold , rainy  weather or from the scorching sun.

Neutering stray cats & Cat Cafe Shelters shall help solve the problem . 

Hon. Clint Camilleri, Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights, can start the ball rolling in the right direction by calling a meeting for all Local Councils.

It is, after all, the responsibility  of each Local Council , to address the sad situation of stray cats in our society.

Each Local Council can put a stop to the present situation of stray cats by financially supporting the neutering of all stray cats in their locality. Also, by  building several Cat Cafe Shelters in various areas in their locality.

Each Local Council would benefit much by working hand in hand with the stray cat feeders in there locality. Besides cat cafe shelters, a scheme of stray cat neutering can also be planned.

From then on, under the guidance of the capable Hon. Clint Camilleri, Malta 's stray cats shall benefit , and so shall society as a whole.

Today: Animal Guardians Malta is counting on you

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