Stop Poaching Rhinos and Elephants for their Tusks and Horns. Rhino Horn is not MEDICINE.

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Stop Poaching!

Stop Rhino horn and Elephant tusk trade Permanently, Everywhere!

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May 13, 2017 - End the Rhino Horn and Elephant Tusk trade.

From Febuary 2017,  we the (PYP6) 6th grade students of Bladins International School of Malmö took on an Anti poaching campaign project.

Our goal is to share the message on how poaching is negatively affecting our planet.

Each day Rhinos and Elephants are brutally poached for their horns and tusks following beliefs that they hold mysterious abilities to grant riches and to cure diseases these false myths are creating imbalance the wildlife food chain and ultimately in our ecosystem. Causing poverty, and leading to the extinction of some of the words greatest legends.

Do not let these animals be "Once upon a time" stories, help save them so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Do Something Today

Support Anti poaching organizations, join our campaign, sign this petition and share our message. Help these animals roam thier habitats freely without the threat of being poached!

Stop Horns and Tusks trade permanently.



Lourdes Hoff

Costanza Tasselli

Sam Norin

Bladins International school of Malmo Pyp6  

Exhibition: Anti Poaching Project 2017