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Stop Plymouth Cell tower from being built next door to baby

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Dear Caring Reader,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and to sign our petition. My husband and I moved to Amador County from Rancho Cordova to our dream home during the fall of 2015. I was pregnant at the time with our daughter who is now one. We envisioned raising a family in this quiet rural setting and we were overjoyed when we were able to close on the property. It was a fixer-upper but that only made it more enticing because it meant we could build our American Dream, our way (my husband is a Veteran).

 On Saturday July 1, 2017, three days before Independence Day on July 4th, we received a notice from Amador County Community Development Agency Planning Department of a proposed 136’ tall Microwave/Cellular tower to be built on the property immediately adjacent to ours, or better said…

A looming tower just feet away from our daughter’s nursery blasting microwave and cellular emissions 24/7 leaving us without the ability to turn it off!

When we purchased the property we were aware of a cell phone tower in Sutter Creek and an additional tower nearby on Willow Creek Road. Since we relocated here we have had no issues with cellular service (AT&T, Verizon or Net10) or the internet which is provided by local businesses.

 After researching the issue we have found that this tower is part of the FCC’s Connect America Phase II which subsidizes companies to expand their cellular and internet service. However our area is not even eligible for said service. To add insult to injury the tower currently on Willow Creek Road has vacancies and in fact is a more suitable site. This tower is only 3,000 feet away from the proposed site, and actually sits at a higher elevation.  It is also interesting to note that the proposed tower for some reason is exempt from environmental standards (CEQA)!

 Ironically, regarding our daughter’s health, our own health and the health of our neighbors and their grazing livestock, upon further research we were absolutely dumbfounded to find that in 1996 the Government passed a law that does not allow counties to deny permits to cell companies based on health concerns.

 I cannot understand how in this great country of ours how a person’s health (or an animal’s in the food chain for that matter) is not taken into account especially when that risk concerns a young growing child’s! I personally feel that this tower is an assault on my family’s welfare, property value, peace and security…an assault on our American Dream.

 So, if health is off the table for the sake of argument let’s touch upon the fact that property values around these antennas drop by an average of 40 percent as compared to other similar properties without an antenna. Simply put, would you choose to live next to such an eyesore?

 We love living here and do not want to move, nor can we afford to. We have put everything, including many hours of blood, sweat and tears into our little piece of America.  We have formed many relationships with our neighbors who also relocated to this area for the rural setting, family values and the amazing views.

 Please help us in our fight to protect our dream, for in the larger scheme of things it is your dream too.

 We along with our neighbors will be at the public hearing at the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the County Administration Center, 810 Court Street, Jackson, California. They will be making a decision on whether to approve a use permit at that meeting.  Please feel free to attend.

 Thank You,

The Somerville’s

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