Stop Planning Application for Industrial Poultry Farm in Small Community

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The community of Longhope, Gloucestershire has been shocked to find out that planning permission ( application # P1054/18/FUL ) for an industrial poultry farm has been applied for by Chessgrove Farm, Longhope at the Forest of Dean Council ( without the majority of local residents being informed. The community has also discovered that the closing date for comments and objections closed on the 17th August 2018. Most people only found out about these plans on Thursday 2nd August and now have very little time to address this situation. To view the planning application documents logon to the the Forest of Dean website and navigate to the 'Planning & Building' tab, then click 'View Planning Applications' and paste P1054/18/FUL into the box at the bottom.

We need to object and make our voice heard to object to these plans for the following reasons.

1. The by-products of a Poultry Farm include toxic poultry dust which is associated with a range of respiratory conditions, including asthma and lung cancer.

2. An increase of flies and vermin, the toxic smell of urine and other waste excrement produced by the poultry.

3. Increased heavy lorry usage at all times of the day to service the farm.

4. An increase of noise levels from both vehicle activity and the poultry.

5. The installation of an industrial Poultry Farm at this location will severely impact the lives and business interests of local people and detract tourists from the harmony of The Forest of Dean. The proposed installation is very close to a craft centre with several businesses (including two food venues) and the smell and toxic dust would directly effect their trade and has the potential to put them and others out of business.

An industrial poultry farm at this location will benefit the farmer however at the cost of being anti social, disruptive and toxic to the surrounding residents. Longhope is a small community and the consequence of this installation will impact everyone in the vicinity.

We have to act now as the council has miraculously forgotten to inform locals of this planning application and the closing date for objections is the 17th August 2018. This has put us on the back foot so we need to ACT NOW. Please support our petition to stop this planning application. Thank You...!