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Stop Party Houses in Residential Streets

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Neighbourhoods Not Nightclubs! Planning application BH2017/02106.

There is a new Hen and Stag Party House planned for Upper North Street,  Brighton, a quiet residential street in Brighton. Party houses are spreading throughout the city and other coastal towns, causing noise, disruption, anti-social behaviour and misery. Those of us who have lived near a party house will know it means being kept up by music most weekend nights, finding rubbish in the street, witnessing fights and drug dealers outside, and being woken by people getting locked out who bang on the wrong door. At the moment these party houses are popping up without regulation or planning. Something needs to stop the spread before they claim more neighbourhoods.

In a recent poll, 97% of neighbours in our local area of Brighton were against this new Party House. However at the moment we cannot object until the problem starts, and when it does it is difficult to regulate. Please support our petition which is asking Local and Central Government to require owners of a Party House to make a planning application for a change of use to a business before the party starts. We are also asking Government to require business rates to be paid on this kind of property. These changes will enable locals to object if they wish to prior to problems beginning and will mean better regulation of safety and tax in an otherwise 'grey market.'

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Hen / Stag Party Houses are properties rented out to large numbers of unrelated guests for a few days who choose to stay there instead of staying in a hotel. Landlords charge between £1500 - £3000 per week. Guest ages typically range from 18 to 40 and may involve groups of up to 25 people in a 3-4 bedroom house. The celebrations can involve activities within the house, including entertainment such as karaoke or strippers attending. Guests often go out to local bars and clubs but return to the house, sometimes continuing the party until early hours. If you would like to know more see this BBC report:

We are objecting to this particular Party House due to the following reasons:

  1. This is a residential street and area
  2. The road is populated by people who are a mixture of ages, including many older residents, who will be disturbed
  3. This location is a conservation area which is adjoining a Grade II listed terrace which should be protected
  4. There is a housing shortage in Brighton and Hove
  5. The cost of buying a home is pushed up by Hen / Stag Party Houses due to reduced supply
  6. The owners of Hen / Stag Party Houses do not pay business rates
  7. Hen / Stag Party Houses are not subject to planning or controls whereas hotels or hostels are
  8. Hen / Stag Party Houses do not typically contribute to a community

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