Help save Healthy Stray Pets from execution in Irish Kennels

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1,000s of healthy stray and lost pet dogs are euthanised / killed in Dog Pounds systematically in Ireland simply because the Government doesn't want to feed or rehome them. 

Dog pounds in Ireland are Killing Factories. Minister Canney Order an end to the Slaughtering! 


We are asking if certain companies are benefiting from this killing process as the Government foots the bill.... a gravy train!

Official Information and statistics

see statistics on the official website:

1,000s of healthy innocent dogs and lost pets are being killed by the Irish Government simply because they will not allocate the funds to search for a good home for them or hand them to a Dog Charity.

Instead they are killed dumped into a plastic bag and disposed where? we do not know or who benefits.

Official documents supplied by the Department of Rural and Community Development, shows in 2017  between 'Stray Dogs' and Greyhounds over 1,000 were Euthanised, Killed by the State.

Capital Punishment because they are poor.

I believe and I am sure a lot of you believe that this killing is not acceptable and that we must be more humane than this.

Please support us and ask Minister Sean Canney to put a more humane system in place to help make our Pets happier and safer. Issue an Order to stop these killings today.

Minister Canney Stop the killing please you have the power to save our 4-legged friends.

 Kindest Regards,


Jimi Larkin