Stop Islamophobe Lisa Daftari from Coming to Speak at Rutgers Paid By Our University Funds

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Lisa Daftari, an unapologetic Islamophobe, is coming to speak at Rutgers on October 16 using our university funds, paid by us- the students. 

In a speech at The Heritage Foundation, Daftari remarked “Islamic terror takes its guidance and teachings from the Quran, which is Sharia law.” She went on to say, “When you go to the mosque and you’re part of a community, and you want to feel important and relevant, and want to give back to the cause -- [ISIS] recruits you. You say- I can be an ISIS wife.” This statement, equating Muslims everywhere with ISIS, is undoubtedly hate-mongering. This is only a small sample of the type of harmful rhetoric Daftari has advanced and shared on various media platforms. 

Sign this petition to tell the university that we will not have this bigot come and speak at Rutgers. Sign this petition to tell Rutgers that we will not have our hard-earned tuition dollars be spent for bringing this bigot to speak at Rutgers.

Rutgers is an environment of cultural and religious diversity first before anything, Lisa Daftari is everything against that.