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Stop insurers classifying live organ donation as 'elective surgery'

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The gorgeous Anderson family are previous clients of mine, and their story is one worth paying attention to - one day it could happen to you and someone you love.

 Glenn and Anthea's little girl Elise, who is now 1, has spent the majority of her short little life in and out of hospital plagued with medical dramas. And more recently her parents have been told her liver is beyond repair and she needs a new one, which Glenn is happy to donate....

 But it turns out that ALL income-protection insurers classify live organ donation as "elective". Asteron Life, the Anderson's income protection insurer, initially told them: "The elective surgery benefit is a non-super benefit so unfortunately it will not apply to this policy." In fact, no such insurance policy in the country, one held through a super fund, covers elective surgery - so potentially hundreds of thousands of people would be in the same boat if they wanted to save a loved one's life.   

 Public pressure as a result of a Fairfax story on the Andersons, however, has seen Asteron change its mind - the insurer now says it will find a way to pay. This is potentially life saving for Elise, who may well need a new liver before she gets to the top of the transplant waiting list.

 And I believe public pressure can also ensure that no other family has to endure the extra trauma (and potential financial burden) that the Andersons have. 

 Insurers should be required to reclassify live organ donation OUT of "elective" surgery - and Asteron (albeit with some prodding) has set a commendable precedent. Donors shouldn't have to give away their livelihoods as well. 

 The link below tells the story in a little more detail - please read and share!

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