Stop the Dangerous HIP Work Requirements!

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Governor Eric Holcomb:

We, the undersigned, oppose the new work requirements you plan to impose in 2019 on the more than 400,000 people in Indiana who rely on the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) for their medicines and healthcare.  These HIP Work requirements will impose confusing rules that that will result in thousands of the most vulnerable among us losing our care, unjustly depriving caregivers and disabled people of life-saving care and treatment. We demand that you stop your plans to impose this dangerous requirement on people in Indiana.

Background: Governor Eric Holcomb plans to impose new work requirements on the 400,000 people in Indiana who rely on the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) for their medicines and healthcare. The work requirements will go into effect in 2019. The Trump administration has given its seal of approval to Gov. Holcomb's plan, and it is up to us to stop it in Indiana!


 1) It is cruel. The most vulnerable among us will lose healthcare under this planned work requirement. Our brothers and sisters who struggle to navigate government rules and paperwork, who often need healthcare the most, will lose it. The result will be suffering, higher emergency treatment costs, and even death.

 2) It is unfair. Exemptions under these laws fail to protect people from losing care. Work requirements have been shown time and again, in Indiana and beyond, to harm persons with disabilities or caregiving duties. That has been true in other states and in Indiana, no matter whether there are exemptions in place.  

 3) It is confusing and dangerous.  These requirements will make it even harder for people to get the care they need and deserve. We know the effect of confusing requirements in Indiana: unevenly explained and inconsistently applied rules have already caused tens of thousands of Hoosiers to lose access to the Healthy Indiana Plan, and others to lose access to Food Stamps (SNAP). Losing health care will actually block people from obtaining and keeping steady employment.