Stop Heartland Project at Pilgrim State Property

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This petition is to show support of the lawsuit that  4 Towns Civic Association is currently in along with the Brentwood School District to stop the building of Heartland Town Square.

They are challenging the re-zoning of the land and want to have an electronic list of people opposed to the Heartland Town Square project for when/if the judge request such information. 

The rezoning for the first phase of the project was approved by Town of Islip. Original zoning was AAA which is one house per acre which for the first phase would have been 113 homes. 

The town zoning for the project’s first phase allows up to 3,500 apartment, 626,000 square feet of office space and 560,000 square feet of retail space on 113 acres of the site and restricts building heights to a maximum of 10 stories. The residential portion will include 90 percent rentals and 10 percent for sale housing. Ten percent of the residential units will be priced as workforce housing.

Please join the fight to stop this and to keep the suburbs the suburbs and not to make it into a city.

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