Nairobi residential areas: Stop gun use against stray dogs

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"Nairobi County Government Veterinary Department is engaging the Central Firearms Bureau to be provided with firearms and ammunition to carry out a mass killing of the dogs in the city".

The use of guns in residential areas poses a high threat to the safety of our community: people, animals and property. There are thousands of dogs in the city- many of which are owned, but are not confined by fencing. If the aim is to make our neighborhood safer, imagine how many bullets are needed to achieve that?

The burgeoning population of dogs is a result of uncollected garbage which feeds them, indiscriminate breeding and irresponsible ownership.The County Veterinary Services is partly responsible; It has failed to educate the public on responsible ownership, stop unlicensed breeders and dog sellers and failed to implement consistent rabies vaccination and sterilization programs.

The result: overpopulation, dog bites and spread of rabies affecting everyone, which is of no fault of the dogs!

The poisoning campaigns have always failed and achieved the opposite: it is well known that culling is ineffective and only results in better survival rates for younger animals that move in quickly due to the resources available only to replace the dominant adults leading to high breeding rates and not to mention the untold suffering to the animals who eat the poison and the threat of exposing the public and owned animals to strychnine. 

Dogs are social animals and move in packs; shooting at a pack will result in the pack scattering and going into hiding. The majority will not be killed, but many will be wounded and left to suffer. This is cruel and unnecessary and what will happen to the people in the rural neighborhoods, who get caught up in the shooting?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO Expert Consultation on Rabies: (WHO TRS N°1012, Third report) –“Dog destruction alone is not effective in rabies control. There is no evidence that removal of dogs alone has ever had a significant impact on dog population densities or the spread of rabies” and World Animal Protection -"Mass dog vaccination, together with effective management of disease risk in humans, is the only humane, sustainable and effective response". 

Therefore, We appeal to the County Director of Veterinary Services to: allocate County funds  for a mass dog and cat vaccination and sterilization programs (National Rabies Elimination Strategy). Partner with animal welfare organizations implementing educational campaigns and community participation. To Uphold the  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. CAP.360. And cease all operations of the mass killing of dogs. 

Please sign and share this Petition urging Dr. Muriithi Muhari, Nairobi County Director of Veterinary Services to stop gun use on dogs and to use proven safe and humane methods to achieve a manageable, healthy dog and cat population. For the betterment of the community and the animals.