Stop FamilyCraft_Dad saying the word bruh!

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On the 7th of August 2018, Lazy_Minecrafter, ChibiMango and Jamdoggy had to bear witness to FamilyCraft_Dad using the word 'Bruh' unironically. You could imagine the disgust of hearing such a fresh word forming from a man as aged as him. It was almost torture, we begged for him to stop, to cease his usage of the word, to no avail. Now he has begun using the phrase in general conversation despite our protests to stop.

The word 'Bruh', being a colloqial form of 'Bro', has been used in Internet memes for almost 20 years. It is used by young people on the Internet primarily as a reaction to something unbelievable or ridiculous, or as a greeting.

As such, Familycraft_Dad is far too elderly to be using such a fresh word in his conversations. This must cease immediately.

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