Stiffer penalties for highway scammer Paul Aniel and other aggressive panhandlers!

Stiffer penalties for highway scammer Paul Aniel and other aggressive panhandlers!

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The Official Guide to Locating Nashville Aggressive Scammers started this petition to Davidson County District Attorney and

OBJECTIVE: This petition is from the citizens of the Great State of Tennessee, demanding that our local courts STOP being lenient with aggressive panhandlers, specifically repeat offender Paul Aniel!  The citizens have had enough of Paul’s scamming, harassment, theft, and risk of injury to innocent civilians! With the continuing growth in the area, aggressive panhandlers have become an issue for many residents in the recent years. Paul Aniel has become the subject of great local interest, with a history that goes back over 15 years, and hundreds, probably thousands of victims.  His elaborate scam is very believable, and he is taking advantage of the kind hearted people of the Volunteer State, and making an entire community skeptical to ever help someone again who may be in need.

HISTORY: Paul Aniel is an infamous local scammer who pretends he’s in distress by flagging down unsuspecting motorists, usually on the side of an interstate off-ramp.  Once a victim has pulled over, he gives the them an elaborate story about how he’s a businessman from out of town, he’s out of fuel, and needs to borrow some gas money to get home.  He promises to repay, by mailing a check once he gets back “home” for a much larger amount, usually $500 or $1000.  Although Paul has no intention of paying, he’s in fact a criminal with a rap sheet containing over 100 arrests! He is well known to local citizens, police and the justice system, with a criminal history in Nashville that goes back to 2003.

If Paul’s victims don’t comply, he is known to become aggressive and violent.  In one case, he pulled a pistol on a Hispanic man and used racial slurs before demanding his money.  He has also assaulted people both verbally and physically, spit on people, hit or kicked their cars.

Some of Paul’s more serious charges related to his scamming:

2- Aggravated Assault w/deadly weapon

2- Aggravated Assault

1- Aggravated Robbery

3- Stolen Cars (Theft of property)

13- Evading Arrest

10- Resisting Arrest

11- No Drivers License

9- Drug Charges

14- Peddling/Solicitation

19- Obstructing Passage

1- Disarming a Police Officer

2- Criminal Impersonation

4- Misc Theft/property damage

He has a lengthy history of evading or resisting arrest when approached by police- 23 to be exact! 16 Felony charges!
He has endangered the public, caused accidents, rammed police cars, and driven the wrong way on public roads at high rates of speed on numerous occasions.  He has a long rap sheet of many other arrests and drug use (particularly cocaine), too long to list here.  Over 100 arrests in total, and going up.  He also has violated his probation in nearly every instance he was sentenced.   He has paid ZERO in fines, of which more than $20,500.00 is owed to Metro, $2,780.00 owed to Wilson County, and $1002.00 owed to Rutherford County. He is also a wanted absconder from Parole in Detroit, Michigan.

***These numbers and dollar amounts do not include the current charges.

The police officers in our communities have done a great job of apprehending and charging Paul, however our court system continues to slap him on the wrist with fines he won’t pay, and sentenced to time served (usually only several hours in jail) and dismissal of over 20 other charges attached to his cases. There is no real incentive for Paul to stop, because of our lax punishments for what are considered "petty" crimes. Without stiffer penalties, Paul will continue to ignore his probation requirements and violate the good will and trust of the citizens and visitors to the Nashville area.

ACTION: Recently Paul has been captured on several viral videos, by citizens who are fighting back against his scams.  A Facebook page, known as “The Official Guide to Locating Nashville Aggressive Scammers” was started in July 2019 and currently has almost 18,000 members dedicated to community awareness about Paul and other notorious scammers, and real-time information about when and where he is committing his scam operations, with the objective to shut him down and spread the word “Do Not stop for Paul”.  There have been hundreds of posts, including past victims’ stories, and dozens of pictures and videos which show him actively scamming people or businesses, and sightings of him along the highway attempting to flag down motorists.  He has also been witnessed and accused of stealing from local businesses. 

There have been countless news stories on Paul in the past, but in recent weeks there have been multiple additional news reports based upon the communities’ efforts to end his lucrative scamming career in Middle Tennessee.

While we will continue our efforts to fight this aggressive scammer and menace to society, as well as other aggressive panhandlers in the area,  We make this petition to our local courts to INCREASE PENALTIES FOR REPEAT OFFENDERS OFF AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING, ESPECIALLY PAUL ANIEL! 

Please sign this petition and tell Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk and Judge Rachel L. Bell!

The Official Guide to Locating Nashville Aggressive Scammers

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!