Stop developers destroying healthy wildlife ecosystem at south Morayfield

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Currently developers have illegally cleared native vegitation and Koala habitat from Clark road and Robb's road, South Morayfield, 

Developers have plans into Morton Bay Regional Council to develop many hectares of, in some cases heavily treed semi rural land into high density Urban sprawl. This can not be allowed.. there are many native animals including the Koala which call this place home.. 

Developers have brought out farmers at a high price so they can build hundreds of houses within this area. Although they have left some wildlife corridors for animals, my concerns are the culling of this healthy native  ecosystem. This area at Morayfield south is home to Koalas, possums, kangaroos, black cockatoos and more. 

Please help us send a message to MBRC to stop this clearing, before anymore damage is done. Say no to the destroying of endangered animal habitat and vegetation in way of emerging community. 

Another concern is that The MBRC mapping environmental overlay of this area is too sparse. What thin line off trees that is left, in the areas that have been cleared so far will be lucky to support a bird, let alone a Koala.            I believe, that there may have already been a Koala death. 

Please sign to say NO... to yet another area to be cleared of healthy native ecosystem for way of a concrete jungle.. If we don't stand up for our endangered species who will..