Stop Dental Implant Research On Dogs At The University Of Gothenburg

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The University Of Gothenburg conducted dental implant research funded by Dentsply Sirona on 6 healthy young Labrador dogs which concluded with them being killed in February 2019. 

International efforts were made to save the dogs asking the University to halt the experiment & surrender the dogs to rescue. The University refused the request.

The university conducted  similar dental implant research on 6 healthy young Labradors in 2018 again concluding with them being killed.

Dr Andre Menache Science Advisor for Animal Justice Project & Animal Rights Alliance said: "These dog experiments are not only very cruel but scientifically meaningless for human patients. I challenge these researchers to defend their research in a public debate."

The University has been conducting dental implant experiments on dogs for many years. Our sources tell us that to date the university has used 206 dogs.

Please sign our petition to protect other dog's from the same fate as Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus, Zuri & Venus & all those that went before them.

Tell The University Of Gothenburg that we want them to stop using dogs in dental implant research.

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