Stop Cyber Bullying

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 “You are dark. You aren’t like other!”, “See yourself; you are so fat” “See yourself you are so thin like a stick or else the ice creams” etc. etc. etc. etc. She/he is like this or like that and not just girls these are commented on boys as well. Can we not stop this bullying especially on internet?

53% percent of children are bullied in India different ways over the internet. The Ryan Halligan Case of Vermont (2003) was the first case that dealt with the issue of cyberbullying. But now the percentage of such incidents have raised on a large number over these years. People just comment what they want to and never think of what the person has to go through. Also, many of the celebrities or personalities have said that they too get bullied over by people on the internet.

Like everyone can’t take such things easily and respond them properly. Some might take some worst steps like suicide or some may not even go out of their houses just to avoid bullying in person as well as on the internet. Some may even think of cutting their contacts from all over the social media. Like logging out of Instagram, Facebook, twitter accounts; not leaving any loose thread to have contact with the outside world. We many a times comes across viral videos. These can also be put under cyber bullying. These incidents take place on a very regular basis.


·         Posting any kind of humiliating content of the victim.

·         Hacking the victim’s account.

·         Sending or posting vulgar messages online.

·         Threatening to commit acts of violence.

·         Stalking by means of calls, messages, etc.

·         Threats of child pornography.

·         Hate mails, online gang wars, fake profiles and digitally-altered photographs abound on the web.

In India we don’t have a separate legislative to counter these cases. But many a times it is also seen that due to no proper laws the accused is released. We must find a solution for the same.

Things that this petition looks forward to achieve are:-

·        Pass strict laws against Cyber bullying.

·        Spread awareness among people to stop bullying.

·        Educate students of schools and colleges to stop bullying.

·        Also, educating them to raise their voice against bullying.

Help me by signing the petition to spread the awareness about cyber bullying and taking steps to stop!  


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