Stop chicken cruelty at Tops Pizza

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Tops Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the UK but they are lagging behind their competitors on animal welfare. Chicken served on its pizzas comes from birds bred to suffer - kept in filthy, overcrowded conditions. 

These animals live a life that simply isn't worth living. They've been genetically selected to grow so fast that their internal organs can't keep up. They're often left in pain, struggling to walk, or even completely immobilised, unable to access food or water. They live in sheds crammed in with thousands of other suffering individuals, on top of layer after layer of their own excrement. 

Leadership at Tops Pizza has refused to address the abject misery of the chickens in their supply chain. They continue to prioritise profit over the animals suffering at their hands. Many of its competitors have signed the Better Chicken Commitment, a set of standards to meaningfully improve animal welfare. Sign our petition and tell Tops Pizza: It's time to do the right thing.