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Stop Chemtrails And The Corporate Mad Scientists Polluting Our Air!

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Almost every day you, your children and your friends and families are likely breathing air that has been sprayed with nano particles of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium and other harmful substances. The practice of releasing Chemtrails or Chemical Aerosols from large jets at high altitude has been shown to be an ongoing program. Through air and precipitation testing, and other sources, researchers have proven that these substances are being released, that they are entering our bodies and that they are toxic. This is one of the most dangerous experiments ever performed on earth and is massive in scale. It is a worldwide program and is easily visible if you simply look up into the sky. There are long,lingering jet trails that slowly fall to earth and spread to completely cover the sky with a "cloud" layer. To those uneducated on the subject, these seem to be normal jet contrails. They are not. Normal jet contrails evaporate within seconds after emission. If you watch the skies that have been sprayed with Chemtrails, you will easily see that these are not normal contrails and that they do not evaporate. They are deliberately sprayed and fall to the earth. There are very few clear days anymore because of the grayish white haze produced by the regular bombardment of these toxic metals. This is an urgent issue and must be stopped for the sake of life on earth.

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