Stop charging Us for paper carry bags in Shopping Malls!

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Dear Mumbaikars,

  Initially when we use to go shopping in malls the shopping plastic carry bags where free of cost since it always was less of carry bag and more of advertisements for places we shops since it contains their brands and logos to advertise!

  Then there was problem of usage of too much plastic causing pollution and water logging and to reduce the use of less plastic, shopping malls where forced to charge us even it was part of their advertisements and we obeyed our government decisions.

  Now since the permanent plastic bans in Mumbai since July 1 2018 and plastic carry bags are no longer an option and we are using paper carry bags instead, but this malls are abusing the government rule and still charging us for the paper carry bags and making hefty money of it, even though these bags use shopping malls advertisement are hardly usable 2-3 times unlike old plastic bags.

  Each bags cost from range of 5-20 Rs in various malls, there are more than thousands to lakhs of shopping bags being sold in a day and reaching more than billions in year and they are making unnecessary profits out of it.

  So please sign these petitions and protest with me to ask our government to step in and remove the charges on paper carry bags! So they cannot charge us with paper carry bags and use us as their marketing puppets by we paying them, instead they are the one who should be paying to us since we carry their bags as advertisements!