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Stop Bad Bids in Ultimate, to further Spirit of the Game

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Help us to bring change to our entire Ultimate community - both local and international. Help us make it safer for everyone to play sports. Sign off and comment below to #stopbadbids.

UPDATE 19 Oct, 4:40 pm: Our campaign hashtag has been updated to #stopbadbids. For those who have previously posted the hashtag, it would be great if you edit the hashtag to the new one. For those who will be issuing new statements, please tag the updated hashtag. Thank you! 


An incident occurred on the first weekend of a league on Sunday, 15 October - a bad bid was made on a strike cut that ended up in a collision. The girl handler suffered dislocated knee, a 2-part fracture, and multiple ligament tears (full tear of ACL, partial tears of MCL and LCL) due to the impact. 

Read the Facebook post here. Some shared similar bad bid experiences. 

Could this have been avoided? 

Sadly, yes. 

But why do accidents happen?

Most accidents are caused due to a lack of consideration of contact prior to the bid, or bad judgement when making the bid. Consideration of contact is important prior to the bid. If the player lacks experience for a ‘fair judgement’, it is better to be conservative. When in doubt, do not make the bid.


We would like to reiterate that Ultimate is a ‘non-contact’ sport - regardless of the level of competition. This means that players consciously need to avoid contact whenever in play. If players are unable to avoid any form of contact or are not sure, it is best to not bid for the disc. (Rules reference)

We understand that players playing Ultimate have varying backgrounds in other sports and also genders, which may result in different sensitivities to contact. Hence we would like to give a reminder to all players of the sport that 'avoiding of contact' should be number #1 priority. 


Referencing the rules, 'dangerous play' is deemed as a FOUL, an illegal play and is taken very seriously

17. Fouls 
17.1. Dangerous Play: 
Reckless disregard for the safety of fellow players is considered dangerous play and is to be treated as a foul, regardless of whether or when contact occurs. i.e. any contact before, during or after play makes the play illegal. (source)

The current level of contact we observe during play is not acceptable. Considering that ‘bad bids’ are also often observed at pickups, scrimmages, hats and leagues, apart from tournaments, competitiveness is not a causation factor here.

We worry that players are getting ahead of themselves and possibly too occupied with ‘getting the D’ without proper consideration of whether contact will occur. Reasons cited such as “I was just going for the disc”, “I got to the disc first”, “I barely touched him/her”, ‘I could not stop in time’, clearly displays a lack of awareness and consideration prior to going for the bid. It also shows a lack of understanding and knowledge of the rules, which is detrimental to all sports. Please watch this video to clarify your understanding about contact in Ultimate. Again, we reiterate that this sport is a NON-CONTACT SPORT.  

We would like to remind all players that there are real-life consequences to every sports incident that often goes unheard. They are costly, and are not limited to the following: 

  • Costly medical bills - the average cost of knee ligament repair costs about $18,733 (source). 
    Note that many players are not properly insured. Are you insured?
  • Injured players have to go through long and arduous periods of recovery & rehabilitation. Their work, school and daily life activities could possibly be affected.
  • Players may or may not be able to return to sports in general 
  • Accidents may affect the reputation of sports in general. 

***Spirit of the Game (SOTG) a fundamental teaching of Ultimate, as throwing is. SOTG and ‘non-contact’ needs to effectively change our mindset and the way we go about playing the sport.***

We need your help. 

After several ongoing discussions with members of the community, we feel that it is imperative to kickstart an initiative with the objective(s) to:

  1. Display an intolerance on 'bad bids' towards other members of the community 
  2. Educate players and increase awareness on bad bids, its consequences, and how to avoid them.
  3. Increase the practice of SOTG and legitimacy of spirit scoring and ranking to ensure longer-term action to ensure improvements. 
  4. Spark an increase in discussion on SOTG

***We urge for the action and support of sporting associations, club leaders, captains and players to take a stand on this. Through a unified stance, our members of the community will take it seriously to avoid bad bids from future plays. Hopefully, we can significantly reduce the incidence rate of bad bids.***


We urge for associations, clubs, school teams, players of influence and players to issue a statement on your Facebook Page and to your members, that comprises of, but not limited to the following: 

  • Display an intolerance towards injury-causing behaviour and 'bad bids'
  • Make a commitment to correct any form of bad bids observed during training or games. 
  • In the near future, work towards imposing penalties on clubs/players who display 'bad bids' and pose a danger to other members of the community.
  • Hashtag #stopbadbids in your post
  • We have prepared a guiding template that you can use for your statement here.

We have to reduce the likelihood of 'bad bids'. We believe through a unified stance will members of our community take it seriously to stem this behaviour from future play.

Do you want to see this happen? If so, please help to add your voice to our cause. Simply sign off below AND comment below. 

Change is brought about by every single player. We need your support.

Here is what you can do. 

  1. Sign off this petition with your name and email (your information is confidential and not released to us)
  2. Comment below on your reason for signing. Even better, share your story if you have one. 
  3. Share this petition with your friends on Facebook & Instagram. Hashtag #stopbadbids
  4. Encourage others to do the same. 


We would like to add a disclaimer that we do not know the people involved in the incident personally prior to this incident. We post this not to shine the spotlight on anyone involved because that isn't a healthy way moving forward. In such unfortunate incidents, both parties inevitably get hurt. Hence, we hope to keep the parties involved undisclosed.

The photo displayed is used with the consent of the injured party. 

What we really hope is to bring about increased awareness and change in our community - to make it safer for players to play sports. 

This is run by Matthew Pan & Jocelyn Chua. We would like to thank the individuals who contributed their thoughts to this campaign. If you have any questions or kind feedback, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at / Thank you.

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