Stop Animals suffering in Antigua

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On a recent trip to Antigua we witnessed so many starving, dogs, horses, donkeys, cows, goats, tied up in the mid day heat without water. And in many cases without food!!! Lots of emaciated dogs and cats are roaming the streets, searching for food and water amongst rubbish which is ubiquitous everywhere!!! We have seen people selling live fish in small plastic bags with little water and live rabbits in small cages alongside the streets..

Talking to the local residents we were told that people do not care about animals and that dogfighting was a popular sport in Antigua!!!

Most tourists are schocked seeing this suffering and pollution!!! Our first reaction was, that we would never come back to Antigua!!!

We were also fortunate to find some locals who did care and where loving, responsible pet owners... with veterinarians and animal shelters on the island, it is possible to have all animals neutered and spayed to control population.

So I urge the Prime Minister to establish new laws where all animal owners are obliged to have their pets, neutered or spayed and microchipped!!! Mistreatment of animals must be punishable by law!!!

Treating animals humanely and cleaning up your Islands from rubbish everywhere will boost tourism and creates jobs!! Furthermore it will bring lots of positive press!!!

And it can all be easily applied in one small beautiful Island like Antigua...