stop unnecessary medical animal testing

stop unnecessary medical animal testing

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You may be aware of many medical advancements or “new and improved” pharmaceutical drugs that have come into the market recently. But are you aware of how these “medical miracles” come into being?

All over the world 26 million animals are being tortured. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and some small monkeys are just a small portion of the animals used in medical tests. Ranging from all ages, the animals are experimented on with painful, often life threatening procedures without any pain medication. The animals are kept in small, bare cages and, more often than not, they are alone.

Scientifically, the experimentation on animals is called Vivisection. It has been around since the 3rd or 4th centuries. At that time they had no other way of getting information about the animal body, like X-Rays. 

Animal testing is not necessary all of the time. There are other methods of testing new drugs, such as computer programs designed to give information based on data from the medicine and what it's trying to fight. Another way to test new medicines is to use lab grown stem cells to see the effects. Animals are not humans, and any testing done on them is not 100% credible and most of the time it doesn't get past human trials.

Animals have served their purpose in the past, but now with more advances and accurate cruelty-free methods: Let the animals be animals.

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