Stop All New Building in Sun City Lincoln Hills

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The Executive Director and Board of Directors are pursuing an expansion of the Fitness Center by constructing a new building in front of Orchard Creek Lodge. 

They claim that we must: 

1) compete with other athletic clubs in Lincoln and Roseville, (open to the public/serving all ages)

2) resist becoming “stagnant”;

3) be the number one senior community

 However, they have not conducted due diligence by completing a study of the use of the existing fitness facilities in relation to the demand for courses.They propose that Pilates sessions and yoga classes require more space. However, we have not seen any research to suggest that Pilates sessions, (private/semi-private/group) is in demand in an aging population; a need here for expansion of Pilates classes has not been demonstrated. Currently classes are only scheduled in the mornings, i.e. the current facilities aren’t fully utilized. They propose that we must have facilities that appeal to instructors; but the instructors are employees and the needs of residents must be the primary focus of our Association.

 Lincoln Hills residents do not want more spending, but rather prefer that repaying the loan to the Reserves Fund becomes the top priority. As long as maintenance of the common areas and buildings owned is substandard/unacceptable; as long as losses in the various departments are growing out of control, (specifically the Food & Beverage fiscal malfeasance); we do not agree with additional financial obligation and long term risks. We invite your participation: have your voice heard by signing the following petition. Although online petitions are not binding, this petition intends to demonstrate that the majority of homeowners DO NOT support the proposed expansion.