Stop Aflex Hose ruining the local area with a 24/7 PTFE plastics factory

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We are raising awareness about the proposed planning application by Alfex Hose to relocate their four factories in Calderdale to the land south of Bradley Business Park. Aflex Hose plan to submit their official planning application in April 2018.

Why do we object?

The factory will be out of place in the local area wedged between thousands of residents, an ancient wood, two schools, local farm, a children’s hospice and small businesses. This factory will be detrimental to the local area and residential amenity in the following ways:

1. SIZE AND SCALE  - The size of the development is huge. 15,000sqm is the size of two large supermarkets… it is a massive development. Local residents and businesses have the right to light and privacy.

2. CHEMICAL USE – Aflex Hose process raw PTFE supplied by Du Pont and Chemours. PTFE does not include PFOAs or PFOSs as of 2015 however reports suggest now include another chemical from the PFC family. These are persistent in the environment and living things and thought to cause serious illness over a period of time. The local community have the right to clean air with no concern of dangerous chemicals poisoning them over time.

3. NOISE – Consistent noise 24/7 including an audible hum. A hum is a low frequency noise that can travel far and is linked to many mild and serious psychological issues in people. The local community have the right to peace and quiet in their homes and workplaces.

4. TRAFFIC CONGESTION - 27 lorries a day plus 300 employees on an already congested Bradley Road, given plans already in the pipeline. Potentially making the road more unsafe.

5. ENVIRONMENT AND ANCIENT WOOD – A factory of this size and scale will cause permanent damage to the environment and ecology of the local area.

Comments from a poorly advertised consultation event:

Residents stated that they would object to the proposal due to the nearness to their homes.

Reply from a Aflex Hose Senior Representative:
“I would object as well, if it was going up near my house.”

Residents asked: Will I be able to hear noise from the proposed development during the day and night?

Reply from a Aflex Hose Senior Representative:
“Yes, there will be a constant hum!”