Stop Parole Operations from opening in Mt Helix/La Mesa


Stop Parole Operations from opening in Mt Helix/La Mesa

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Daniel Boethin started this petition to CDCR Secretary Mr. Ralph Diaz and

What's about to happen...but we need to stop this.
The State of California, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) is considering leasing an existing building located at 9400 Grossmont Summit Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941 to be used as a parole office. The parole office will consist of 65 staff, of which 52 are Parole Agents.

Zoning - Where's the space for parole officers to work in a residential neighborhood?

  • The proposed location is incompatible with adjoining residential community, limited commercial presence, and intensity of use for Residential Business (RB) Zone. This location violates “limited business use compatible with a residential environment” with proposed 65 staff (52 Parole Agents) managing up to 50 individual cases – totaling over 3,000 individual San Diego County parole cases in primarily a residential community. This location violates applicable minimum development and design standards “solely for the purpose of achieving maximum density or intensity of use.” Largely surrounded by R1 residential.
  • The proposed location violates permitted principal use for Residential Business (RB) zone that does not include ongoing services, nor operations including the parking or dispatching of vehicles. This location violates principal use for RB zone professional or corporate office by “operations involving consumer [casework] services.” CDCR anticipates over 3,000 active parole cases. This location violates operations involving vehicles that will be “parked, and dispatched” to casework services of parolees under active supervision (or in custody). 

Community and environment - Next door to schools, children and families?

  • The proposed location endangers thousands of children, families, and law abiding citizens within a .4 mile walking distance to Grossmont High School, and less than a mile to 3 other nearby schools. This location threatens safety to approximately 2,296 students at Grossmont High School, and 28,362 local (91941) family households with 10,035 children by continually introducing over 3,000 convicted “violent [criminal] offenders.”
  • 65% of parolees return to prison within 3 years, many parolees under 18 U.S.C § 3563 (b) (6), the court may provide that the defendant “refrain from frequenting specific kinds of places.” Includes sex offenders and violent criminals that need to maintain distance from schools. This location exposes students and neighborhood using public transit at Amaya Drive Station (orange and green line) to parolees arriving on a daily basis less than .5 mile walking distance.

Parking and traffic would immediately impact the adjoining residential community.

  • There is no street parking, and additional traffic would impede traffic flow in direct violation of La Mesa, California Municipal code. Additionally, road access is on a minor residential road with only one-way access (no outlet).  
  • This location violates La Mesa intent to “provide properly designed parking areas of adequate capacity and circulation patterns to reduce traffic congestion, facilitate movement, enhance public safety...” Off-site street parking unavailable. Grossmont Summit Dr lacks any non-building or structure parking west of Grossmont Blvd, requiring more street parking closer to Grossmont High School and adjacent neighborhoods.

Solution - literally anywhere else but here.
Find another (different), more suitable commercially zoned location that meets the 1). Space requirements, 2). Zoning and building needs, 3). Parking infrastructure, 4). Traffic congestion and flow, and 5). Unique client demands for the State to operate 65 full-time parole staff. Additionally, there should ideally be better public transportation options that do not directly intersect with many students commutes.

This new location should not be within less than a half-mile walking distance to a large high school, and less than a mile walking distance to several schools. Understanding that these violent criminals include sex offenders, it is critical to consider many parolees may be ordered under 18 U.S.C § 3563 (b) (6), to “refrain from frequenting specific kinds of places.”


This petition made change with 1,803 supporters!

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