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We Want A 5G-Free Whangarei

According to the United Nations Principles 'Protect, Respect and Remedy,' the Government has a duty to protect the public against human rights abuses by third parties, including businesses, [1].

The wireless technology in use today has been proven to have carcinogenic and neurotoxic effects in humans and animals, [2]. Acute exposure has been shown to alter the metabolism of the brain, [3], electrical activity in the brain, [4] and immune system responses [5]. While chronic exposure has been associated with DNA damage, [6] and cancer risk [7] which large rodent studies have confirmed the biological and health effects of, [8, 9].

In light of these known health effects, which may have significant public health consequences, it is unacceptable for Telecommunications companies to add a far more powerful form of electro-pollution into our environments in the form of 5G, which for many may be difficult to escape from.

As 5G microwave radiation does not travel well compared to 2G, 3G and 4G, a 5G system will require mini-cell sites (known an “small cells”) to be placed throughout neighbourhoods, where they will be installed on the sides or tops of buildings and on street light poles, close to homes, thereby adding multitudes of radiofrequency transmitters to suburban environments in Whangarei, [10].

As well as animals, birds, plants, and insects, [11],  those potentially most at risk from exposure to the radiation from the proposed 5G system are the unborn and very young children, [12], who are unable to articulate how they are feeling.

As a member of the Whangarei community, I urge Local Government (and Central Government) to protect members of the Whangarei public, the unborn and wild life from 5G technology by banning it and declaring Whangarei '5G Free'.


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