Protect the Dark Sky of Anne Arundel County Maryland by reducing Light Pollution

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I'm a fifth grader and I did a research on light pollution for my science fair. I learned that light pollution can be reduced and I want to make my part on it too.

I took the initiative of making this petition to make sure our county listens to our concerns and takes action to reduce light pollution and than we can see our night sky at night.  I am counting on you to help by learning about this problem and signing this petition. 

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is the brightening of the night sky caused by street lights and other man-made light sources. When light pollution is happening you cannot see the stars very easily at night.

Why does light pollution happen?

Light pollution happens when people use artificial light like street lamps during the night. With all these things lighting  up the night sky we can't see our night sky as well as we used to 100 years ago. 100 years ago we could see a lovely night sky during the night. Sometimes we could even see the milky way. But now we almost see nothing.

What does light pollution do to us?

Light pollution can hurt our environment by making it difficult do some species to reproduce and find food, safety, energy (fossil fuel) consumption, and our health by affecting the human production of melatonin (the "sleeping" hormone) leading to sleep disorders.   

How can we stop light pollution?

One important way to reduce light pollution is by remodeling the design of street lights to fix the excessive exposure of bulbs which allow the light to scatter in lots of directions, including up towards to the sky. It's a simple and doable solution that can also save money by using less electricity to bright the roads.

This is actually a very simple and cheap modification that mainly requires Initiative
. I myself did it with my own lamp at home.

So I decided to do the first step towards it by making a petition online.



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