Urgent funding for Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

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Please help us to regain funding for Mental Health and drug and alcohol services services, and additional support, treatment and acknowledgement of Dual Diagnosis in Queensland.

Queensland is currently experiencing a mental health crisis. There is currently very little support or services (a specially in North Brisbane) available for Adult Mentally disabled residents, or people needing Alcohol and Drug support, and additionally there is no support or services which deal with dual diagnosis. I am asking that North Brisbane's (or QLD as a whole) Mental Health Services, Providers and organisations be reviewed, and that policies of our mental health services change to better support and assist people with Mental Illness and Addiction Disorder.

Although NDIS does acknowledge and support Mental Disability, there is limited support for those who have episodic and changing levels of need and treatments which requires specialized therapies (not just psychology or counselling) needed for many people with different mental disabilities. Additionally, there is no therapies or treatments available specifically for dual diagnosis or addiction disorder disability. Some therpies would include: rehabilitation, group or social programs, coping and mindfulness programs, drug replacement programs and clinics, outreach programs and support workers who are qualified in specific needs for people with mental disabilities and dual diagnosis. 

This petition is aiming to get more recognition and support for all people with mental illness and inclusive of people with dual diagnosis. 

What needs to change?
1) We are asking that the mental health and drug and alcohol services in QLD be updated and services be available to better assist, treat, and include dual diagnosis.

2) We would like our mental health treatment facilities, mental health assessment teams and organizations to acknowlege and include the treatment of drug replacement services and to treat all symptoms together (not in separate organizations or facilities).

3) We ask that the medical providers are trained and prepared to acknowledge and support the importance of carers, partners and family inclusion in the recovery of people with dual diagnosis. In addition, the importance of treatment and care to both mental illness and addiction disorder at the same time.

4) We ask that doctors take better care into what advice they give people with addiction disorder, mental illnesses and dual diagnosis. As entire sobriety and restraint from all alcohol, addictive prescription, and illicit drugs is the most important and most effective treatment and prevention of relapse.

5) We ask that the NDIS be inclusive of Dual diagnosis and include funding packages that assist and support recovery and better living: - rehabilitation   - mental health respite   - funded drug replacement therapy (methadone and suboxone)   - specialty programs and counseling for dual diagnosis  - social support programs that acknowledge and support dual diagnosis 

6) Lastly, we are asking for these organizations to take longer (minimum of 45mins) in identifying and assessing the mental health of people with all conditions (including dual diagnosis), to listen to the carers, patients, and families concerns and to not turn away people who are in need of immediate attention, treatment and help.

Additionally,  (7) people experiencing crisis including dual diagnosis should be given the ability ro have hospital and facility admissions and be treated for all symptoms together including addiction therapy and started on drug replacement therapy if needed and requested while in the hospital care and not have it left up to the patient to seek assistance and referrals after they are discharged.