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Zimmer: Help us stop attacks on our beloved school!

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Dear Board Member Zimmer,

We are parents, teachers, and friends who have poured our hearts and minds into creating two outstanding public schools: The City School (6-8, located within your Board District) and City Language Immersion School (K-5, in Board District 1).

Together we are two of LA’s most diverse, beloved, high-performing, and inspiring public schools. Inside our classrooms, children feel nurtured and safe, teachers collaborate, and families are part of a true community.

As you must know, in the past few weeks, a group that supports your re-election sent out false and deceptive mailers denigrating City Charter Schools. As a result, tens of thousands of voters have received political mail defaming our schools, our teachers, our parents, and our students.

We hoped that you would repudiate these falsehoods, but so far, you have chosen to say nothing.  This silence gives your backers permission to keep using our school as a political football.

 We, parents and teachers associated with The City School and City Language Immersion Charter, respectfully request you to do the following:

·      Visit our schools and meet with our children and families (your constituents), and get to know the people that your allies are misrepresenting.

 ·      Publicly repudiate the defaming of our school and ask your backers to stop the attack on us. Please disentangle us from your campaign so that we can focus on the real work of transforming kids’ lives and uplifting communities.

 ·      Before May 1st, collaborate with The City School to develop a (potentially) long-term facilities solution with sufficient classrooms (20) to accommodate our program, within a reasonable distance (within 3-4 miles) of our currently enrolled population, and with access to athletic facilities, science labs, and a multipurpose room.

In short we call on you to represent us, to partner with us, and to help our students thrive.

Yours truly,

Friends of the City Charter Schools

Spencer Burrows, City Teacher
Shariff Hunt, City Teacher
Candice McCray, City Teacher
Melissa Aragon, City Parent
Amy Amsterdam, City Parent
Celine Bundy-Kahn, City Parent
Holly Clark, City Parent
Allison Gelfond, City Parent
Tracy Takagi Goodwin, City Parent
Kim Hanke, City Parent
PJ Hanke, City Parent
Brigid Huskey, City Parent
Robert Kahn, City Parent
Lynn Morford, City Parent
Rashidah Shakir-Blackshere, City Parent
Mihal Skaggs, City Parent



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