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Continue the Kaw Lake Millet Program!

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      We the undersigned residents, business owners, sportsman, and conservationists of the Kaw Lake region, and other areas of the United States, wish to thank the US Corps of Engineers and their personnel, for the cooperation that the Corps has provided to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in support of the Millet Planting Program on Kaw Lake for the past 25+ years.

  In Oklahoma, The Kaw Lake Millet Program has been the most successful seasonal habitat enhancement program for migratory waterfowl of all classes and of game and non-game species alike.  It serves a vital role in negating the necessary, but unfortunately detrimental effects of flood control to the entire central flyway region. By providing a critical high energy food source in direct association with suitable resting and staging habitat the Millet program at Kaw Lake has, on successful years, given hundreds of thousands of migratory birds the resources necessary to complete their southerly migration.

     The Millet program also provides opportunities for sportsman and other wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy Kaw Lake in the fall and early winter. The devotion of these men and women for the pursuit of their outdoor passion is reflected in the dollars they spend on a local level in the businesses of Kay and surrounding counties.  It is a significant contribution to local economies, and provides an important boost to many of the families and individuals who work in the area.

     Understanding that mother nature is fickle and doesn't always cooperate with our efforts, there are years when it is simply impossible for the Corps to exicute the requirements for the Millet program. However, for the Corps to make this decision without considering all the ramifications and refusing to support it when possible is not only bad for the Kaw Lake area, but also, for the Corps of Engineers.

Therefore, we respectfully petition the Corps to reverse this decision and continue to support the Millet Planting Program administered by the ODWC at Kaw Lake.



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