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Let Bee's live and help shape our environment today.

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Every month bee’s are dying at record rates, more bee’s die one day than the last. As humans we don’t understand how we are killing bees. Although we are the main reason bees are dying so fast. Without bees in the environment humans wouldn’t be able to survive.

So how are we killing bees? Every day homeowners spray pesticides and chemicals on their lawn to keep rats, mice, voles, and even bunnies out of their lawn. Bees travel approximately 2 miles from there colonie to collect pollen and nectar. One little spray of pesticide can kill a whole colonie within 2 miles. When the bee collects the pollen with pesticide in it and goes back to the colonie it will infect all the bees in the hive. We are talking about 20,000 to 80,000 bees depending on the size of the hive.

Even if you think you are using pesticides that don't kill bees. Think again a new study has that they can affect their behavior, memory, and interaction with each other. This can slow down their production of honey and their quality of honey. Pesticides always find their way to flowers where bees collect pollen and nectar. There is actually a bee disorder called CCD (colony collapse disorder).When bees are infected by pesticides and their colonies start to fall.

Why should we help save the bees? Well I know that a lot of people love honey. On their bread, in their tea, or to help a sore throat. Honey is in a lot of the food we eat. Although we could survive without honey. So there has to be more. Well there is without bees we would have no flowers. Flowers need pollen spreading and bees do that. Without bees there is a chain reaction of cons. Many animals diet is based off of flowers. So we are talking about extinction of multiple plants and animals.

We need to change this. No more bees need to die because of humans and our chemicals. Let's put down the pesticides and bee killing chemicals. If you are having a problem with bees near your home call your local bee farm, or an animal specialist. If you want your lawn to be weed free and don't want to harm your bees also call a local bee farm they will suggest alternatives. Help save our bees! Help save our flowers and animals that thrive around the bee's life.

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