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Save Manchester's creative nightlife and culture #SaveMantraWarehouse

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If you are reading this we at Mantra Warehouse would like to thank you all for showing your support towards the UK's dwindling arts and night life culture our venue needs your support. 

Here is a little bit about our project.

We started the project back in 2009 when one member of the team was lucky to come into management of a property in Ancoats (Wellington mill) after a long time he turned the once mainly unused building into what is now one of the biggest creative hub's in north west with over 90+ creative tenants then in 2014 we decided to host an art jam to help raise funds for projects we were involved in and invited all to come and see a showcase of Manchester's vast talent in a form of a free entry art jam with 15+bands, music acts, and 20+ street artist and lots more showcasing the talents of this great city has to offer. we realized we had to make a home for this and started building what many people today see as a place that they can freely express their artistic talents. 

In 2015 we took out a long lease on a very run down building and started work. After a long struggle, we finished the build and started running events with Manchester creatives hosting art events, fund raisers, workshops, music events and much more operating on temporary event notices. We started to realized that the space we had was very much in demand but we were restricted to only very few events due to not have a premises licence, so we invested in the process to obtain a license but were told that it could not happen due to it being too small for an outer city development. 

In 2016 the demand became larger and larger and with a refused plan we decided to keep going and took on a very large space that is now known as mantra warehouse as it is a size that is not obtainable in the city center to help with the comments of the project being too small for an outer city development and again after a long haul of building and more investment from our own pockets we were able to open the space operating on temporary event notices across three areas seeing talents from across the world now coming to this creative building and showcasing their talents.

In 2017 we were asked to the town hall for a meeting and were told to obtain a premises license and that everyone was happy for us to do so after hosting more than 80+ events with no issues. We raised just enough funds to obtain a premises licenses and to offer free venue space when ever we can to allow Manchester's talent to shine where without a space like this they may never have had the opportunity to showcase their talent. 

On the 14/3/2017 we were granted a premises license to our excitement but we now had to obtain planning for change of use.

Unfortunately, this is where the matter is now in need of your support as we have been told that after three years of operating an event space with no issues that the council has concerns about our impact on the local area. Mantra Warehouse is now seen by many as a thriving building hosting some of the best events that Manchester has to offer. We need to prove how many people are calling for a new event space and the studios at Wellington house to remain and not to be removed like many others have. Over the last decade, the UK has seen more than 500+ event spaces close their doors.

Please help us to keep this amazing music, arts and culture space alive by supporting our cause and signing our petition to make Manchester's council aware that this is for the people of this great city's root culture of creativity.

Show your support by sharing this link with your friends and family.

Many thanks for all of the support we have received so far.

Thanks from all of the team at mantra warehouse.



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