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 If you have children, the current law may affect you more than you realize! I am petitioning to:

1. Put a limitation on the family court process. No child or family should be tied up in litigation for more than 1 year.
2. No minor child, under the age of 18, should be the decision maker to which home they reside in! Children will choose the parent who manipulates them or the parent who does not have rules in most cases! We have raised the drinking age from 18 to 21 and restrictions have been implemented for drivers 16 to 18, such as requiring a parent to be in the vehicle and only being legal to drive to work and school. Unless drafted, the military age requirement is still 18. It is illogical to let an immature mind make such a life altering decision, especially when we have raised other age requirements.

    In my case, my ex took my 11 year old daughter against the court ordered parenting plan. He brainwashed her and alienated her from her family, including her baby brother, for 9 months. I didn’t see her at all and I was unable to speak to her. He moved her in with his mother and he moved into his girlfriend’s home with her two children.

My exes background: Class D felony charges with 90 days jail time for repeated abuse to me and the countless times he broke the order of protection, 3 DWIs, sued for acting as a stock broker without a license, felony charges for not paying child support with a driver’s license suspension, and frequents court over unpaid debt and taxes.

My background: A speeding ticket, graduating in the top 15% of my class with an Agricultural Degree, employed as a florist, and own my own home.

Due to a conflict with my daughter over her recently acquired phone (purposed to safely get her off of the school bus) and my ex telling her she had the right to alienate me from the information on that phone and that she should not being doing the simple chores assigned to her, she rebelled and her father kidnapped her a week prior to school starting.

I have spent $20,000, to date. Two years fighting! The court ordered counselor and guardian ad lidem seem to think she is old enough to decide her fate and have failed to do their jobs and have ignored all evidence…only listening to my daughter’s voice and her father.

Proven in front of the said counselor, my daughter was caught watching pornography, getting drunk, was infested with head lice, and covered with flea bites….all since my ex took her. She had been in church camp and was baptized the week prior to being kidnapped. My daughter now tells me she is 13 and she can make her own choices because that is what she has been told by our system. 

If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone…no matter what your status is. The fate falls into the hands of people who maybe less than adequate in their positions. Our justice system is failing, and we need our legislatures to listen! 

Please sign for reform today! Tell your stories with counselors, guardians or family court in the comments section.

These are the children of our future!!

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