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Bring the McDonald's McGriddle to the ALL DAY Breakfast menu!!!

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Approximately one week ago, a hungover me (Jake Knight) strolled into a local McDonald's slightly past noon, mouth watering for greasy cheap food to cure me of the leftover poison I had consumed the night before. Upon looking at the menu, I observed an intense internal desire to consume various items off of their all day breakfast menu. Mainly because I had read a study online somewhere once that McGriddles are good for killing hangovers. Upon taking a deep breath, the cashier at McDonald's angrily asked me what I wanted, or if I even knew at all in the first place. While I found this indecision comical, my server did not, but that is not the point of this paragraph. I opened my mouth ready to speak and share my decision with all of the world, which was encompassed in this McDonald's.

"Yes, I'd like two Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddles please."

Finally, I had made my decision.

The cashier rolled his eyes. Perhaps I had made the wrong decision.

"We don't have those anymore."

I didn't understand.

"What do you mean? You serve McDonald's breakfast all day."

The cashier looked at me with an expression of indifferent blankness. I could tell I was not the first extremely disappointed customer to enter this McDonald's location. I could almost feel the beady eyes of the security guard staring me down, ready to escort me out if I were in the mood to make trouble. Thankfully, I was not, but I was in the mood to protest.

The manager, who looked just as hungover as me, confirmed the statement issued by the angry cashier.

"Yeah uh sorry. No McGriddle's for all day breakfast. You can get Hotcakes though. Syrup is free."

I felt the security guard step closer to me. I was sweating profusely now, but not because of the kitchen.

I was angry. How could Ronald let me down after all these years of unwavering support when I used to be an ex-employee myself? I demanded an answer at once. But there were none.


Those were the only words I could muster.

The manager apologized again and the cashier's angry expression of impatience transformed into one of human empathy. Perhaps he understood my plight now. But with a line forming behind me of hungry people, I knew the time to act was now. I would bitch about the McGriddles later online, because that's how we utilize democracy here in America.

"Uh yeah," I said, taking another deep breath. I was hoping that they still served sausage breakfast burritos and coffee.

Because if they didn't, there would be hell to pay. Also known as, I would take my business elsewhere. A true nightmare for all McDonald's employees passionate about their McJobs.

"Yeah two sausage burritos and a coffee," I said. 

The cashier fumbled to press the two buttons and read back the total I owed. Perhaps he had forgotten his glasses. Kids these days.

"That will be $3.24 sir. Your order number is 224."

I paid the amount. After a few minutes of eager waiting I finally received what I ordered, but not what I came for. Upon the walk back to my house, I knew something had to change. But who would be the courageous man to tackle their breakfast policies?

I got home and took a nap, and had a dream in which I was that man.

Now, as of today November the 4th, I realize I am that man. Sign this petition and we will ensure McDonald's brings their McGriddles to the breakfast menu. Steve Easterbrook, the time is now.

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