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Any animal can be a service animal and or emotion service animal allowed in the city

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I am wanting a petition starting over my pet mini pig. The law in montana says you can not have a pig or goat in city limits. I think if it's a service animal any animal should be allowed in city limits. I tried to service my pig because of the happinees he brings to the eldly people I take care of and my family but the city doesn't allow it to be a animal in city limits. He helps bring life and spoonk back my residents and happiness to me. He is not only a pet he is a family member to me. He is litter boxed trained. And very clean he loves bath time. Use to hate it but now jumps in the tub for one. He is very important to me I've waited 16 yrs to get one and now that I have one the city wants to take him away from me. Most dogs r bigger then my pig he will grow to be around 50-55 pounds if fed right and not over fed. Pigs can be more protective over there human then some animals and pigs are use to there life and then moved can get high anxiety from the change and have known to die of heart attacks. My pet pig pumpkin is like a dog to other people how people love and care for there dog. Just because pumpkin isn't a dog doesn't mean people can't love and care for him like price do with dogs. He is such a good pig and listens very well and doesn't bug anyone. He just wants love and attention like any other animal and to single these animals out because laws that are out of date isn't right. Lots of people have pigs as pets now. People say bacon helps with depression not my fault I like mine uncooked and alive instead of dead and crispy. So I want the law to be pasted where if the animal is a service animal of any species that it can be in city limits as long as it's up to date on shots and licensed to be a service animal.

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