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Stop the RESNET 3D "Practical" Test.

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The RESNET 3D "Practical" Test suffers from two problems. The first is that it is not practical at all. From the moment that you stand in front of the "house" it diverges from best practice immediately; in real life, it is essential to inspect the house to determine whether it can be tested at all. Is there a cover to the hatch to the attic? Are all the registers installed? Do we have power?

The next problem is that the test has been beset with technical problems. The first iteration worked reasonably well but was based on a technology that is no longer available, necessitating us to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it to work, and even then it was fragile. 

The second iteration is a disaster. The bugs are too numerous to mention. Some people report spending an entire weekend to get it to work halfway. Some, taking the test, resorted to sleeping on the floor of the provider's test facility while issues were being sorted out.

This test does not test our ability to perform HERS ratings. It tests our ability to navigate the facilities and pitfalls of a computer game, and that is a massive waste of time for everybody concerned.

Please stop this insanity.

At a minimum, MINIMUM, take this off the table until the test is fully developed and thoroughly and professionally tested, and then set a REASONABLE deadline for taking the test.  

PREFERABLY, only demand this test for new raters to qualify. It is an insult to people who are doing this work daily and have been for years or even decades.

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