Justice For Buddy

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Austin Police Department shot my family dog "Buddy" in the face on 06/14/2019. He later passed that night due to the injuries sustained.

My dog had somehow escaped my fenced in backyard while I was in the bathroom. The Austin Police got the call at 6:01pm, arrived on the scene at 6:08pm to find my dog Buddy laying on my apartment front door's welcome mat. Buddy was shot by 6:09pm. The Austin Police Sergeant Erique Robledo says "The gun was discharged after 22 seconds upon arrival." My dog was never given a chance to survive the situation as he had attacked no one and with no injuries reported. Help me stop cop on dog violence and raise awareness for pitbull owners nationwide. 

Call and let APD know your thoughts!

Enrique Robledo (sergeant) 512-974-4479
Austin Police Department 512-974-5000