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As youth of Jane-Finch and participants of Youth ‘N’ Charge (YNC) we demand transparency and accountability from San Romanoway Revitalization Association regarding YNC, and to re-open the PMAA Studio.


by the YOUTH of Youth 'N' Charge


On April 30th 2014 San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA) CLOSED the Youth ‘N’ Charge Studio (aka PMAA studio) at 15 San Romanoway and ENDED ALL PROGRAMMING offered in the space including the Palisades Media Arts Academy (PMAA)

In June 2011 the SRRA was APPROVED for $344,000.00 IN FUNDING TO RUN the PALISADES MEDIA ARTS ACADEMY PROGRAM (PMAA) FOR 3 YEARS. The program did NOT begin until 2012, and ONLY 2 YEARS of ACTUAL PROGRAMMING was DELIVERED before the program was ABRUPTLY SHUT DOWN on APRIL 30, 2014, which is two months short of the three year mark since the funding was APPROVED.


The Youth ‘N’ Charge studio and PMAA Programs mean a lot to us.

And as youth and participants of the program, some us found out the studio was closed only when we arrived for programming, to see a notice on the door stating “PMAA STUDIO CLOSED AS OF APRIL 30, 2014 SRRA”, and workman changing the locks.

This left with us with the feeling of being locked out of our home.


AS YOUTH of Jane-Finch and Participants of the Youth 'N' Charge and Palisades Media Arts Academy program we are asking the San Romanoway Revitalization Association for:


1.     Dialogue and clarification as to why a program that the Ontario Trillium Foundation indicates on their website has three years of funding, has been reduced to two and abruptly closed.


2.     A Process to ensure that the mandate of Youth ‘N’ Charge is met, which has been defined by the SRRA as being “a youth led, youth-driven initiative”.


3.     An effort to bring back the Palisades Media Arts Academy program at Youth ‘N’ Charge


4.     A youth representative seat at the Board of Directors of the SRRA


We want a healthy, vibrant community,

and space where we can feel safe to gather and create.





- the YOUTH of Youth 'N' Charge

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  • Executive Director, San Romanoway Revitalization Association
    Stephnie Payne
  • Chair, Board of Directors, San Romanoway Revitalization Association
    Kevin Green

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