Press Criminal Charges Against Brothel Owner Dennis Hof

Press Criminal Charges Against Brothel Owner Dennis Hof

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N A started this petition to Stephen Rye and

I am seeking to sway the prosecutor of Lyon County, Nevada to press charges against Dennis Hof. Please read:

As stated in the Lyon County, Nevada brothel Ordinance: A brothel license is a "revocable privilege" and is not a "vested right". (

Brothels are a controversial business, for sure. Whether you agree or disagree with the idea of adults exchanging money for sex in regulated businesses, it should be agreeable that those who run brothels should abide by ethics and laws. The most famous (or infamous) brothel owner in Nevada is Dennis Hof.

Dennis Hof has made a monopoly off of the brothel business. He currently owns 7 brothels and is building an 8th brothel that will be "Raider themed". He hasn't always followed the law, though, nor has he been bound by ethics. He preys upon his sex workers and dates them. A 68 year old man preys upon 20 year old girls. He's never had a firm relationship with them. His longest relationship was to Cami Parker, a former sex worker who now describes her time at the Bunny Ranch as "Hoe Prison" and hates Dennis Hof with a passion. Dennis frequently brags about all of the women he has slept with. In any other profession, this would be a tremendous amount of ethical violations and legal violations. Yet, as a brothel owner, he is able to get away with this. It is truly disgusting. 

This petition arises after Dennis Hof banned me, a physically disabled man, from his brothel. What did I do to be banned? I simply wrote something ON MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK. Yep, you read that correctly. On my personal Facebook. I didn't bad mouth him at all. In fact, I said nothing, but kind and glowing things about him because I considered him my friend. I had invested 14,000 dollars in his brothels over the past four years. This was a huge sacrifice as a recent college grad (the most of my times I went to his brothels was while I was in college). Going to his brothels meant the world to me. As a disabled person, I can't tell you clearly how hard dating is, let alone being judged for appearing how I was born with something I can't control. During college, I worked multiple jobs so I could afford the laborious trip and expensive encounter to be with another adult legally. Sure, I had had sex with hookers in my city illegally which is why going to brothels meant so much to me because I wasn't "breaking the law". 

I was a "regular", so to speak. I had met Dennis before and he was pleasant. This all changed in 2014 when I had saved 4k dollars to meet a hooker named Keira Keeper and she defrauded me. This ruined me emotionally more than financially because I had invested my soul and heart in the encounter. I go to brothels to have the "girl friend experience". Money, I can make again. Soul, heartache, emotional distress and pain is something that can't be replaced. She hurt me so bad that I decided to sue her. I literally went into seizures because of this girl. I have chronic depression and so the incident did not help me. I ended up going to a specialized trauma therapist who testified that I had two large trauma lumps formed in my head from the incident. Worst, she didn't apologize or care because she had been caught. When I told Dennis that I was going to sue her, he flipped out and called me a "cluster fuck" and swore at me and threatened me.

Dennis didn't understand that I was at a religious college and was working a religious job and my family was religious and friends were religious so I had nobody to share my pain with except with hookers. When I told the hookers, they told Dennis and he got mad at me. He eventually banned me momentarily for simply sharing my pain with my sexual partners. Dennis is a truly vile person. At no time during this, did he try to compensate for my loss or offer me emotional help or anything. He victim shamed me. Eventually, in 2015, he unbanned me and I went to his brothel again and didn't have any problems with the girl I saw. 

In 2016, I came out about my lifestyle because I had decided to try legalizing prostitution in Utah (a current constitutional challenge is being litigated in federal court). I was somewhat in the news about it, but found that the news was hesitant to "promote" what I was legalizing. So I wrote a brief essay about why I'm legalizing prostitution and I published it on Amazon. I had sent the essay to Dennis beforehand and he said that he would try getting it put on his website. I had included a picture of a sex worker (Caressa Kisses) and myself, and I thought Dennis was fine with everything. So i was shocked when he emailed me saying that he was "sick" of me and my "funny games". I had done absolutely nothing wrong. And since the picture was taken in a public place, and Caressa is a public figure, and I was the owner of the picture, I technically didn't need permission to ask her. Honestly, it hadn't occurred to me about asking her. I did not post her picture to be malicious. I really liked the picture and since it related to my essay, I didn't see any harm in putting it on the cover of my book. I sometimes don't think about what I do. I have slight mental disorders with anxiety and slow motor skills, which stem from my disability. I explained this to Dennis and he didn't seem to care.

Well, during this time, I had tried seeing a girl named Dani Deville. I thought she was cute, but I found out she didn't want to see me because of my disability. I was so hurt. I had created a fake email and see if she would reply to that. She did. It was truly disgusting what she did. Discrimination leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Not one to be denied services, I vented on my personal facebook about how horrible Dani is. Since Dani allows anal sex, I exaggerated that she had AIDS. Maybe it was in poor taste, but her discrimination caused me to flip out. Dani not only refused to see me (a friendly, in-shape, young guy with money), but she had people harass me online; she photoshopped my photos; she mocked my former religion; she and others did things ten times worst than I did, so my reaction was anger being built up. I use social media to vent. I had an anxiety attack when I wrote it and I actually deleted the post when I calmed down. Since I am becoming a public figure myself, trolls follow me and they sent Dennis what I wrote.

Dennis flipped out on me and banned me. I grew tired of Dennis' pettiness and I told him to unban me and that this was a stupid ban. I told him again about my anxiety and what Dani and trolls (some of whom were Dennis' customers) were doing to me. He wouldn't budge. So I announced that I was going to sue Dennis. The Nevada Equal Rights Commision helped me with the lawsuit and it is being filed soon. I was going to sue him because the ban was petty and arbitrary. Dennis allows guys who physical beat the girls and overdose on drugs to remain in his good graces, but a guy who simply had to vent because he was hurt, gets banned. Further, his customers continued to harass me. That is the definition of arbitrariness. He also has no written policy on what constitutes a ban. Basically, they can "86" you on a whim which is illegal. So if you look at a girl funny or say a joke that she misinterprets, you could be banned for that basically.

That's why many businesses have clearly posted rules on what gets you denied service, to avoid being arbitrary. When rules are made arbitrarily, they burden protected classes and discriminate. In this case, Dennis' ban infringes on my lifestyle as a disabled person. It may sound silly, but brothels mean so much to me. My first kiss was in a brothel. I always dressed in a suit and got flowers for the girls I saw. I was anything, but a bad person. Dennis fails to distinguish "problem people" and "people with problems". But If Dennis was going to ban me for a post on my Facebook, then he needs to ban everybody who posts negative things about his workers and businesses. He needs to ban everybody who posts 1 star to 4 star reviews on his Brothels. He needs to ban all opposing views to avoid being arbitrary. Further, he needs to ban everyone who has an anxiety attack and deletes what they wrote. The fact that my post was on my own personal Facebook and not published elsewhere, should clearly be "unbannable". My post wasn't threatening at all, either. It wasn't defamation either because it was not published to a third party site. It stated an opinion and an exaggeration written because she had said very horrible stuff about me. It was deleted four hours later. The most he could have done is told me to stop contacting and posting about Dani. 

That brings up another problem, though: it could easily be argued that reviewing businesses is a right held by a patron. If a contractor at his brothel discriminated against me, then it's my right to post about it. Just like if a person at any other business had done that to me: other people have the right to know. Lastly, what Dennis did is retaliation which is illegal. 

Furthermore, no reasonable person could foresee that posting something on your personal Facebook could get you banned.

Under the law, Dennis is liable for banning me. He has threatened me and has withheld my equal enjoyment. Under Nevada law, NRS 651.080 and NRS 651.70, Dennis can be found criminally and civilly liable for denying a disabled person access to a place of public use. Dennis has taken away my lifestyle. I don't have a car to get to any other brothel. His brothels are convient because public transit like amtrak can get to brothels. I hate flying too. I literally can't fly because of my anxiety. If he didn't own all of the brothels in Nevada, this wouldn't be a problem, but since he owns the brothel next to his brothel, I can't simply just go to a different business. I have apologized to Dennis and have tried making things good with him, but he continues to act like a child. I have been talking to the prosecutor of Lyon County to press charges against Dennis. A charge against Dennis would encourage the County Commissioner to revoke his license. Again, the biggest problem with all of this is that he arbitrarily banned me. I never caused a problem in his Brothel. He bullied me. He had been bullying me for years, he once got mad when I ONLY spent 1k dollars and said I had to spend 2k dollars the next time I came. But he lets his friends get laid for 200 bucks. That's the creep he is. Again, I didn't go to his places because I liked him. I went because it was easy to get to for me and because his brothels allow for communication with the girls, so it feels like a real relationship, instead of "tapping it" and going which is not what I'm about. 

Besides my predicament with Dennis, Mr. Hof has broken the law frequently. He exploits his women through social media and has tried persuading porn stars and illegal hookers to become prostitutes. That's called "pandering" and that is illegal. 

His brothels are little "houses of horrors". All of his exes hate him. I remember taking on the phone with a hooker I saw and she said that Dennis' ex and a girl fled the brothel during the night because they were scared of him.

But please don't think that all Brothels are like his. Brothels are very much needed to control violence and disease. I have been to other brothels in Nevada and there are hardly any of those horror stories as with Dennis. When the owner has an inner-group of friends that he makes special deals with or when he creeps on his workers, and when the owner becomes triggered over a FB post that didn't involve him, and he won't listen to your side of the story and illegally bans and threatens you, that becomes a problem that the law needs to handle.

Please support this petition to encourage the prosecutor to prosecute Dennis Hof. I need signatures because Nevada is very hesitant to do anything wrong to Brothels. It's easier to revoke a lawyer's license than it is to revoke a brothel owner's license. In any other business, you can call OSHA or the health department and an investigation is immediately launched. But brothels seem to get away with a lot of stuff.








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