Free active gym membership for Highlands students

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Highlands students in the past have been given access to free gym memberships to Fort Regent. However due to a lack of funding this has been cut off and Highlands students have no longer been given this privilege. This has become a problem for a large amount of Highlands students simply because of the cost. It is £34 per month and for those without a job it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a membership. With this it also includes parking for those with cars which can total up to around £15 per month. 

However, I believe that this needs to change and Highlands students once again should be given the benefits of having a free gym membership. It would be very beneficial for students due to the fact that it would increase both mental and physical health, therefore reducing things such as stress, depression and obesity. It will also create a positive influence and give students something to strive towards in their daily life. Finally, I believe that it would allow our students to meet new people and make new friends through going to the gym. 

In the long term this would be a huge reduction to the burden on the tax payer because there won't be strain on the health system in future generations. 

The Island wants to reduce obesity and get young people fitter and healthier and this is a huge step to achieving this.

In summary:

Reduce Obestiy

Improve mental wellbeing 

Reduce anti social behaviour 

Make new friends and meet new people



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