Close stores on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

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It's time the Nova Scotia government steps in to legislate Christmas Eve and New Years Eve to close at 4 pm. Walmart has announced it's Christmas hours for December this month and has decided to extend their hours to 8pm in the evening. We all know when Christmas is too prepare for it, since we have a year in advance to prepare and to make lists to buy for the people we love. This is so wrong to put pressure on low income workers to work on Christmas Eve, when so many spend time with their families and attend church services. Millions of people are off on Christmas Eve, while retail workers once again are being treated with no respect with all the hard work that they do for their companies all year around.
Retail workers work hard leading up to Christmas for the companies that they work for. Many workers start work early and go beyond their duty to help people when they are off , while shopping at their store, that they work for. Not all workers have their families that live in the same area and have to travel to another province or country to spend time with them. This is an attack on low income people in this province. Why should someone ringing groceries in be treated any different than someone delivering a letter? Or someone working in a bank? Or a talk show host? Our MLA's , Our premier? This is the year 2016, and we treat low income people like this? We are asking the Nova Scotia government to also include Christmas Eve and New Years Eve in the right to refuse to work legislation. The reasoning for this would be if the store is closed , all workers would still have the right to say No!  Business owners should also by law be legislated to post these rules in their staff rooms for employees to see. Since no one is told about their right to refuse to work Sundays or other Statatory Holidays. 
How upsetting will it be for all the Mothers & Fathers who will have to give up working on Christmas Eve, when they would rather be home with their kids? Government offices will be closed, Our legislature doesn't sit on Christmas Eve? Dentist offices will be closed and the list goes on and on. It's Christmas people, seriously if you can not buy what you need by 4pm on Christmas Eve, you need to take a time management course. If it's a snow storm, you buy the day before. Retail workers are people too, let's give them the rest that they deserve.Please contact our premier, MLA's to express you're concerns. .  Please speak out radio talk shows, by contacting Rick Howe and Sheldon MacLeod -

Retail workers are people too, please speak out!  How many kids will be disappointed with no mom or dad or both? How can you get a baby sitter on Christmas Eve ? No Buses will be running in the city, it's Christmas Eve (HELLO) This is not the Nova Scotia, that we want. Theirs a time to shop and it's not on Christmas Eve, it's time to be with the people you love. Repect store closures on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.
Tony Lohnes