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Petitioning Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 2 others

Stephen Harper: Stop misleading the public and support the proposed federal electoral boundaries in Saskatchewan

On February 6th, 2013, you said in the House of Commons there was “overwhelming opposition” in Saskatchewan to the boundaries commission’s proposals to create urban-only and rural-only federal ridings. You went on to say that “some 75% of the submissions made to that commission have been opposed to the current proposals.” What you are not telling the people of Saskatchewan is that the ‘75%’ (roughly 2,250 submissions), to which you refer, was mostly comprised of identical postcards and form letters sent at the request of your Saskatchewan MPs who want to maintain existing boundaries and protect their jobs. You have also been forced to admit that your party is responsible for robocalls from a fake company that spread false information concerning the new riding boundaries and the work of independent boundaries commission for Saskatchewan. Such dishonest robocalls are unacceptable in a democracy and not “simply operating within the process as it exists” as you said in the House of Commons. We call on the you to stop misleading the people of Saskatchewan and trying to manipulate the open, fair, non-partisan, and transparent process by which we have re-drawn federal electoral boundaries in our province. You should publicly acknowledge that a small number of your political supporters in Saskatchewan filling out form letters does not represent “overwhelming opposition” to the commission’s proposals. You should admit that your party’s robocalls broke the regulations of the CRTC and accept the consequences. You should support the new electoral map that improves democratic representation in Saskatchewan by finally giving urban residents their own MPs and rural residents their own MPs.

Letter to
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Stop misleading the public and support the proposed federal electoral boundaries in Saskatchewan