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I've been a Targeted Individual since 1999, for me this started w/bullying, harassment, taunting and gang stalking.  At the time I didn't know what the hell it was.  I had been separated and going through a divorce, basically trying to get on w/my life.  I was hit w/Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) & EMF/ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) waves at every apartment suite that I lived in through 2000 to 2005, starting in 2001.  I had thought the neighbours were hitting me w/a taser gun.  These hits to my body increased in 2003-2005 so I decided to move to Banff to get away from it because it was so bad I would sit out in the hallway just for relief.  I moved to Banff & was hit heavily w/this Electromagnetic technology in every staff accom. that I had stayed in.  I would move from place to place because of the torture which at the time I had no clue what it was.  When you are getting hit w/something invisible it's hard to complain to anyone.  These are the places:  

The Post Hotel
Brewsters Mountain Inn
Thea's House
Irwins Inn
Delta Royal Canadian Lodge
Lake Louise Inn
Bumper's Inn
A Bear & Bison Canadian Country Inn

Storm Mountain Lodge
and Banff Mineral Springs Hospital
Main Stay Suites
Viscount Gort Hotel 

I was having panic attacks because I was getting hit at Irwins in their staff accom. w/an electromagnetic wave that shakes your body so much that I ended up in Banff Mineral Springs Hospital.  I had never had panic attacks before, they were induced by this technology.  Then when I was in the hospital bed my body was being shaken in my bed while trying to sleep, with this tech.  At this hospital while I was in the bed they were putting on a skit for me, the other patients (fake) in a couple of beds over.  (It was a skit about my mother.)  I know these places are involved in this Torture, I would be bullied by staff that I worked with.  I would have gas lighting at every place.  Hospitals are involved in this program, including all winnipeg hospitals.  It really is across country and it includes crime families w/o a doubt.

In Winnipeg and Banff I was surveilled, voyeured in almost every apt. suite, staff accom. that I had lived in since 2000.  I would have induced telepathy daily.  I was getting organized gang stalked everytime that I'd go out shopping, to the bank, movie theatres or errands, it really was and still is horrendous for me to have to endure organized gang stalking and harassment.  Street theatre is also a part of the organized gang stalking.  Perps will perform skits right in front of you.  Or you will be set up inside of their skit agenda.  I have at least 10 to 50 organized gang stalkers on foot whenever I go out since 2000.  The 50 is not an exaggeration, it is frightening what I am put through when I go out somewhere and that doesn't even include the vehicular stalking.  These are fucking Crimes.  It is intimidation, you feel like you are going to be physically raped or murdered.

I moved back to Winnipeg at the end of 2009 and continued to be surveilled at 2 apt. suites that I've lived in and continued to be organized gang stalked wherever I would go.  The Electromagnetic Torture has been horrific in the time that I moved back to Winnipeg in late 2009.  This includes being hit by Military grade Directed energy weapons (DEW), Extreme low frequency (ELF)/Electromagnetic field (EMF)waves, Scalar waves .  Tortured in every part of my body internally (organs, bones, muscles, connective tissue, etc.) and externally being heated up w/microwave technology.  Forced involuntary arm & leg movements.  Induced headaches & migraines due to being DEW in the head, they can stab you in your temple w/a pulsating DEW that feels like you are being stabbed with an ice pick to the point where you feel like you are going to have a stroke.  Induced visual disturbances (zig zag lines) & temporary part blindness from being ELF in the head, dropping things after being DEW in the head, almost falling due to being DEW/ELF in ankle causing my ankle or ankles to roll with this technology.  Being heated up by microwave technology to the point where I sweat profusely or feel like I'm going to pass out.  They heat up certain areas of my head or body or my entire body which feels like you are being cooked alive.  Having my inner organs cooked from the inside out from microwave technology causing blotches on my arms.  Being burned by DEW & ELF waves that are so intense they have burned my inner eye/retina (takes days for the burning sensation pain to go away)but permanent damage to my eyes, can also create severe dry eye.  Having my nose cavity hit w/DEW & burning the inside of my nose causing me to sneeze & losing my sense of smell from being DEW in the nose.  They can also use a Freezing ELF wave on you that makes you feel like you are cold/freezing.  Getting DEW/ELF in the throat causing me to cough & choke. Getting DEW/ELF in the mouth, teeth, tongue & gums creating severe dryness & pain to my teeth & gums.  They can ELF you in the throat or lungs/chest and induce cold or flu symptoms and create mucous.  They can ELF you in the throat, upper chest or left side of your stomach and create hunger pangs.  They can ELF you in your neck area which feels like someone is strangling you.  They can ELF you in your intestines or bladder making you almost or defecate or urinate.  They can ELF you in the intestines and create gas in your bowels.  They can ELF you in the head and stomach making you feel sick to your stomach and dry heave or throw up.  They can ELF you in a certain part of your head and cause severe thirst.  Being burned on the surface of my face & skin creating rashes, white bumps, boils and burn marks & cut marks from DEW.  Being burned by an ELF wave so intense hitting me at a deep tissue level creating red burns on my face & body.  Being DEW/ELF in the shoulders, my chest, sternum, heart, ovaries, kidneys & other organs that you are in pain constantly from it.  Being DEW/ELF in the hands causing burns, cuts & swelling to my hands so I can't even bend them at the knuckles.  Having them DEW burn numbers & letters into my hands & face.  Getting DEW/ELF in the wrists, knees & hipbone causing so much pain that I feel like I'm in my eighties trying to get out of bed in the morning, even though I'm a healthy person if this wasn't in my life.  Getting DEW/ELF in my ankles & feet & toes causing severe pain & trouble walking.  They can ELF you in your pelvic bone and pubic bone and immobalize you, so you can't even walk and if you try to it is excruciating pain.  Voice to Skull 24/7, which is basically the psychopaths that are voyeuring you & torturing you at the same time.  This is so fucking Evil, voyeuring someone as these contractors are Torturing them and then laughing or commenting on what they are doing to you through V2K.  It is sadistic.  They comment on everything that I am doing as I go about my day.  They laugh when they DEW/ELF me and introduce words & phrases to sensitize me to them during my day.  They try to make you feel guilty w/regards to your family & relationships and because you are heavily surveilled they know personal details of your life so they also harass you w/that through V2K.  It's like having someone bully you 24/7 and know details of your personal life.  I have derogatory V2K everyday since 2010 but has become non-stop since 2013. The V2K is psychological abuse everyday, 24/7, when you have a handler saying "gang rape" before you go out your door (this is just one example of what is said to me through V2K), this is mind control, psychological control over a person.  You cannot escape the V2K because I am organized gang stalked wherever I go.  (This technology is portable, I have been gang stalked across Canada while travelling on Greyhound). Vehicles that organize stalk you hit you as they pass you w/these weapons. You are getting hits to the head, eyes and your body as you are driving.  I am also hit w/this technology when I go shopping or just outside.  V2K is also present.  This is everywhere I go, this horrid microwave, electromagnetic technology once you are in this program, it is everywhere you go.  You cannot get away from the Torture.

Psychotronic weapons, I have my thoughts/brainwaves read throughout my day, forced thought projection while I am awake and asleep, dream projection & image projection while sleeping.  I haven't had any of my own dreams since after Dec/2009. While you sleep they put thoughts in your head.  They can also screw with your emotions daily.  They can bring out anger and rage, sadness and they try and keep you in this state with remote neural monitoring & neural weapons/ELF waves while you sleep putting thoughts in your head and through V2K, verbally harassing you & putting thoughts in your head. Being electromagnetically raped vaginally & sodomized.  Sleep deprivation.  Mentally, emotionally abused by Perps in apts. that I live in, gaslighting, having my personal property switched out or traded w/things of lesser value by Perps in my apt. block or living in surrounding areas.  

Noise campaigns.  In Winnipeg, Emt, Fire Dept. are involved in noise, harassment campaigns, which is really organized stalking and harassment. There are other parts of this Targeted Individual program meant to break a person down.  It includes psyops, fake accident set ups, where you will see a fake accident or you will be forced to be a part of it because it is set up around you.  I also have organized gang stalking & vehicular stalking.  I have also been set up to be physically assaulted twice, set up by the Winnipeg Police.

It's not only me that this Gov't/University of Manitoba/Health Sciences Centre/Military black ops program has been torturing, it is also my family members and my pets even though they don't believe me or understand that this technology exists here in Canada.  They  tortured one of my cats to death.  We had to have her put down.  Yes she was older, yes she had diabetes but since Dec. 2009 she was also getting DEWed and ELF waved.  (Another cat of mine died from Cancer, more than likely attributed to being radiated everyday by neighbours in adjacent
suites.)  The last three days of her life were horrendous, she was being heated up by microwave technology the same as me.  She could not cool her body down, her head was hot to the touch, I tried to cool her head down, give her sub q fluids but she was so hot internally that she was dry heaving & throwing up.  I had to watch her get hit by DEWs and ELFs and not be able to escape from it and I could not protect her from these psychopaths.  This is something that will forever be etched in my mind, my cat had no fight left in her.  This technology is torture.  I don't want her life to be worth nothing.  She didn't deserve to be tortured like this. 

I'm worried that these psychopaths that are carrying out this torture are going to murder me, or one of my family members or my other cats that I have.  They also torture my remaining pet cats that I have.  

They have set up my family members w/psyops at hospital emergency rooms and hospitals and in daily life.  They cannot get real healthcare anymore, if they complain about pain as a result of getting hit by this technology they will be set up with a psyops at the hospitals in Winnipeg. These psychopaths can put you in the hospital anytime they want because this technology is Torture & the pain is excruciating.  The hospitals always manage to take our blood though because the research aholes want to see the long term damage this is doing to children, children w/disabilities and adults in my family.  This is the kind of SCUM we have working at hospitals now, all a part of this program and they know it.

To date I have had my breasts DEW for 1 week straight and yes it was very painful, the burning of my inner connective tissue and changing the consistency of my breasts.  My ovaries DEW for 5 years straight until my period just stopped and now I have been put into early menopause because these psychopaths that torture, fried my eggs.  They sterilized me w/this technology, hits w/Directed Energy Weapons to my ovaries daily for 5 years straight.  If this isn't a crime I don't know what is?  I went to see my gyno to get my ovaries checked out but I was set up a month in advance with a prepared psyops against me and police/psychiatrists/nurses/patients (actors) all involved in the psyops nightmare against me.  Now I know that Dr. Kelleher and Dr. Kuzenko from the University of Manitoba & the Health Sciences Centre are carrying out this torture program/MKULTRA, mind control/electromagnetic torture w/neuro weapons & Directed Energy Weapons where they are experimenting & torturing me, my family & pets, inside the Health Sciences Centre and in my home.  I ended up in the psych ward 2 or 3 times with the same program of psychopaths.  They are all protected because they are funded by the Canadian Government through grants.  Currently I'm trying to get a Human Rights lawyer to take on my case against these horrid, evil, unethical, Nazi women and their staff, the people carrying out Nazi torture & mind control/Human Rights abuses.

I can no longer smell because after getting DEW in my nose/nasal cavity continuously they have burned my inner cavity since April/15 and now I can no longer smell anything.  (I did get my smell back around 2016) but they continue to hit me in my nasal cavity causing me to sneeze, my nose to itch and burning me there.

This is a highly organized black ops/special ops program of experimentation.  It is a Government/Military program carried out by Universities and Hospitals/Psychiatric depts./DND, Police & intel agencies.  You can't have disgusting organized gang stalking w/o mentally sadistic intel agencies like the CIA who have worked on programs like this in the past w/the HSC & UofM.
I don't know who put me in this program, obviously someone that hates me and wants to torture me to death.  I'm a Canadian Citizen and this shouldn't be happening in Canada to me or anyone.  I want this Microwave Technology, Directed energy weapons and Psychotronic weapons exposed and I want this torture to end for me, my family and pets.  I also want to bring these people to justice.  This is the only way that I can get my voice heard.  I was physically raped in 2005 due to being in this program (unaware at that time) but could not go to police because I was bullied and harassed during that time and for years afterwards and because the police across Canada are carrying out these Torture programs w/intel agencies.
I've been set up by the Winnipeg Police to be physically assaulted twice back in the early 2000's and in 2012 in the same manner because I am in this program of torture and there is no one that I can go to.  Police are heavily involved in carrying out this Targeted Individual program. 

In Winnipeg the people involved in carrying out this Targeted Individual program are the DND/Military, University of Manitoba/Health Sciences Centre Psychiatric Dept., (All hospitals) the Winnipeg Police and Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services.  It's me trying to expose rich, well connected people w/no ethics.

Targeted Individuals want the Federal Gov't to End these Crimes, End mkultra, End the use of these high tech military weapons, BAN these Directed Energy Weapons, Microwave Technology, Neuroweapons and Torture, org. gang stalking & harassment in Canada and so Laws are made to ensure no one ever has to go through what I've been through going on 19 years of this in my life and other Canadian Citizens and their families have been through. I would also like the Prime Minister to meet with Targeted Individuals set up a committee w/lawyers so that we can have our say and bring all of the people that are involved and carrying out these Crimes against Humanity/War Crimes including the Federal Gov't to Justice with Life in Prison under Canadian Law.  No one is above the law, not even the Federal Gov't. I want everyone that is involved in my Targeting that are in positions of trust to be brought to justice with LIFE IN PRISON. I also want every Targeted Individual and their family to receive compensation from the Corrupt Cdn Fed Gov'ts past and present for DESTROYING their lives, their families and their relationships, their finances and ability to work, their health, mental and physical, their Rights and Freedoms, including Freedom of thought.

Conducting and Participating in my Targeting, List of names that I know without a doubt are involved.  When I have a civil suit in wpg. I want audits done into the tech they are using the monies and funds received and paid out to destroy my life and my family's lives.

Dr. Raubenheimer, Assiniboine clinic (psyops set up, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)

Dr. Lindsay Porteous, Dr. Alison Logan & MB clinic, (psyops set up, use of her office for psyops set up, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)

Dr. Nina Kuzenko, Dr. Samantha Kelleher, Tina Curtis, RPN, HSC/psychiatry, WRHA, UofM & their staff, (psyops set up, Electromagnetic rape & sodomy, forced drugging, mental abuse.  Torture, thought, image & dream induction w/this technology, V2K, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)

Officer Jeff Boehm, Officer Martens, Rexall on Portage & Maryland & the wpg. police, (psyops set up, physical assault, wrongful charge almost laid against me, Criminality, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)

Douglas Hahn wfts, (psyops set up, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)

Linda Woodard, Peter Vail, Mike McNeil DND and their cleaning staff, (office theatre, psyops set up, V2K, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)

Wpg. Fire Paramedic Service, (Organized Vehicular Stalking, Noise campaigns, Human Rights Atrocities/War Crimes)



Jenolyn Smith
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada